How to Choose the Right Outfit for Motorcycling
March 20, 2020

How to Choose the Right Outfit for Motorcycling

How to Choose the Right Outfit for Motorcycling

Over the last 20 years, motorcycle culture has firmly established a standalone fashion stream with several subtrends. members are all bikers with a totally different taste, so they made this guide to help you choose the outfit that matches your bike and safety requirements at the same time.

However, before taking care of your outfit, make sure that your two-wheeler is equipped well. You can check out these led headlights for Harley Davidson motorcycles if you’re looking for decent parts to upgrade your bike.

1. What’s Your Machine?

Take a look at your motorbike. Is it a classic roadster by Harley or Indian? Or maybe it’s a fluorescent futuristic Ducati? The rules here are quite simple. Classic motorcycles, such as choppers, roadsters, bobbers, and cafe racers, require you to wear leather and denim. A combination of a leather jacket and blue jeans will look perfect.

If you’re a fan of bright sporty machines, take a look at more casual outfits made of cloth, denim, or synthetics. You can either get a combo of pants and jacket or try on a full-body sports suit with several protective layers. Unlike classic looks, modern sports style lets you wear as many safety gear items as you want a still look stylish.

2. Helmet Selection

If you prefer a slow riding style on a classic bike, a half helmet or a half-helmet or an open-face helmet is a good solution. Both types are easy to customize and combine with glasses. team recommends you wear motorcycle goggles for better protection, but average plastic glasses will work well too.

If you prefer a more aggressive riding style, you should minimize risks and consider a full-face helm. There are thousands of stylish helms of this type that will match absolutely any style. Besides, they can protect not only the top and back of your head but also keep your neck, chin, eyes, and throat safe.

3. The Right Boots

Motorcycle boots always live less than all other items as they come in contact with the asphalt. That’s why you have to choose only from special-purpose moto boots with strengthened sole and ankle protectors. Fortunately, there are many models that mimic the style of average boots so that you can pick up the one that you like the most.

4. Mind the Grip

And by the grip, we mean gloves. No matter what’s the weather outside, you must wear them all the time to have a better grip and extra protection. Those are usually black or black with color inserts for sporty style. Always give preference to the one with kevlar knuckles and thermal protection if you ride when it’s cold.

5. Extra Protection

Motorcycle safety items can be stylish too. For example, full-body kevlar armor that you can wear upon or below your outfit will turn you into a future hi-tech warrior. The same goes for reflective parts that can look like thin threads, massive stripes, or even make up some patterns.

Safety and Style

As you see, motorcycle fashion makes it easy to combine style and safety without any difficulties. But don’t neglect safety measures and always wear the full outfit that must include a helmet, jacket, pants, boots, and gloves. You can look for reviews of some of the best items on and make a choice right away.

How to Choose the Right Outfit for Motorcycling