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How to Choose Men's Overcoat

Every man should have all-a-round pieces in their wardrobes.  The kind of outfits that you can wear to the office, when going out for cocktails with friends or even on a special ate or accession.

Among those pieces is an overcoat. Overcoats are not only stylish but trendy too. You need one to attain that elegant and classy look that you can pull off to the party or office.

There is a range of choices out there. Others can only be work for specific occasions while others can be worn in any setting. The right one depends on your personal preference or the kind of look that you wish to create with the overcoat.

Other than that, there are some factors that you should put into consideration to ensure that you get the right overcoat for men.

The fabric

The first and most crucial aspect of putting to consideration is the fabric. You want an overcoat that can serve you for years, and that is only possible if you select the best quality material.

The best and most recommendable fabric for a prolonged service is wool. It should be at least 4 pounds for average-size men. Ideally, the heavier the material, the longer it can serve you.

Consider the fit

When you think of an overcoat, you should think of a kind of coat that you can throw over your clothes and still fill comfortable moving around. It is best that when trying the coat, at least have a shirt and a suit jacket on and see how the overcoat fits on top of them.

If you are the kind of guy that likes a loose fit, you can go for a trimmer fit. However, if you realize that the coat has some bulging when buttoned, it shows that it is too tight and you need a bigger one.

Check the length

Other than the fit, you need the right length for the overcoat to look classy and elegant. Traditionally, men preferred extending overcoats that go way down to the ankles.

They are the best, especially for seasoned men who wish to wear them probably during the cold season. However, with the current trends, you can simply choose a knee-length.

This kind of coat will compliment your body build and trim. The full-length coats are warmer and the best for cold seasons or if you are looking for the type of attire to wear to work every morning.

Construction and style

When it comes to style, it is up to you to select the one that suits your exact preference. There are a variety of styles to choose from all from the single-breasted to the double-breasted coats.

The former is a great all-a-rounder choice while the latter is more of a formal coat and best for the cold season. With construction, it will mainly depend on your budget. The canvassed overcoats are more expensive but then, they are more durable, especially when it has a glued interlining.

With these tips, you will definitely get an overcoat that will suit your needs and styles. Get the kind of coat that you can comfortably wear in the right season and occasion.

How to Choose Men's Overcoat