How Not to Gain Weight During Winter Holidays?
January 08, 2021

How Not to Gain Weight During Winter Holidays?

Don’t be surprised if you have noticed yourself eating more during the holidays. A lot of people experience this dilemma. Some researchers say it’s genealogical impulses if you feel you need to pile up on food for the winter or it could be due to shorter days and we see less of the sunlight.

There are different reasons but one common denominator is to take care of your digestive system while you’re in this season. That being said, you may or may not gain weight but just remember that this is inevitable. To be safe, learn more about this topic through:

The Best Tips You Can Do to Not Gain Weight During Winter Holidays

Set Goals

Some people still carry the habit of putting things off until the next day including an unhealthy diet. If you’re serious about the goal to not gain weight, it’s helpful to set your own goal. Set a goal for yourself and your food intake and do your best to stick to it.

You can enjoy the rest of the parties you attend without forgetting the plan. It’s possible to have a slip-up but instead of feeling bad, you can begin with the end in mind. You don’t want to deal with upset stomach or infection in the intestine while the rest of your friends are having a great time. 

Avoid Seconds

Holidays are big on buffets. This oftentimes encourages people to serve seconds and thirds. Serve yourself a lit bit of each meal and avoid second to also calories from piling up. Accumulated calories may end up in weight gain.

Write Down Your Plans Ahead of Time

Making plans ahead can help you a long way. See if you have an upcoming get together in your calendar and ask the menu. Either do this or bring your own dish. Choose how much you will eat. Planning ahead can go a long way towards preventing holiday weight gain.

If you have parties on the calendar, ask what foods will be served or bring your own dish. Decide what food you need to eat and how much are you allowing yourself to eat. You can plan ahead by curating holiday recipes so you will never run out of helpful ideas. While preparing, you can do water detox or take colon cleanse supplements to better shield your digestive systems from any unwanted health issues. 

Don’t Go Near Processed Foods

Imagine loads of ham, boxes of mashed potatoes and stuffed turkey. These are all available especially during the holiday break. While they are easy to prepare or bring to your party, these processed foods have sugar and fats that can harm your healthy diet. Cook your meals and buy all the natural ingredients if you can help it. This is easier to be monitored and you can be on top of your game. 

Call a Friend

Ask if any of your friends are also doing the same thing before you begin vacationing. Share your weight goals and ask theirs. Tendency is you are more successful with your plans if you have someone to share your progress with.  

Personalize Your Recipes

You can cook your own food but this does not mean you can’t watch what you cook at home. Home cooked meals are oftentimes the culprit to weight gain. The great news is you have a choice. Cook all your favorite food but lower the calorie content in several ways. Find out the best alternatives. Applesauce instead of butter; Stevia instead of sugar, dried fruits instead of candies. Always be prepared with natural detox supplements that can improve digestion and heal your gut.

Eat Using a Smaller Plate

Old but smooth. Lunch parties who ask you to do potlucks are trending during the winter holidays. Use a smaller plate to not destroy your diet. Eating in larger plates will encourage a bigger portion of food and you may end up overeating. 

Watch Your Liquid Calories

We’re talking about soda, beverages, name them. They can add a significant level of empty calories which can end up as weight gain. Too much of alcohol consumption can also aggravate risk factors for weight gain. If you’re looking out of your weight, it’s best to limit and monitor your beverage intake. 

Warning: Dessert

Dessert is holidays’ second language and this can often direct you to eating too much sweets that lead to weight gain. Instead of focusing your attention to every sweet you see in a corner, focus on one favorite and ignore the rest. You can also take your time eating desserts. Slowly means longer time to ditch the rest of the food and you can digest better. 

Ditch Taste-testing

A lot of people spend days cooking and baking even after the holidays. It’s easy to look at foods and be tempted to taste each of them but controlling appetite would pay off. Feeling bloated and having a lazy bowel is not pleasant and you don’t want to miss out on any fun. You won’t be tempted to taste anything when you’re full. 

Pile Up on Fiber

Fiber is an essential part of your diet whether it's a holiday or not. Studies show that efficient intake of fiber also reduces calorie intake and if you have a good grip of your calorie intake, you can prevent gaining weight. The problem is most food during the holidays lacks fiber nutrients. So don’t forget to add vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds 


These are just some of the tips to better take care of your colon this month and the succeeding holidays and seasons to come. There are still many more perfect digestive system detox bundles that you can do and take as you go through your own personal plans to avoid weight gain.

Colon cleanse supplements are always dependable and energy boosters. Consult with someone, a nutritionist or a doctor to help you prepare for the rest of the holidays. It doesn’t take a genius to know the holidays can be a huge place to gain weight but you have the key. Ask LifeInfused anything about the supplements!

How Not to Gain Weight During Winter Holidays?