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How Much Does A Bespoke Suit Cost?

Suits are associated with power, status, gender conformity, and adulthood. They have been a force to reckon with in the fashion industry since time immemorial. And over time, they have evolved in design, style, and cuts. 

Suits are among the popular trends in the fashion industry. They're among trendy outfits that are here to stay. One that stands out is the bespoke suit. Thus, it’s recommended that you should own one to get the hang of why they're among the top suits in the market.

Suit Cost

What Is A Bespoke Suit?

It's a suit made exactly as per the customer's specification, which includes the fabric, style pattern, and design. The bespoke suit is made from scratch by a qualified tailor. To get the job done, you must have several fittings to ensure the tailor gets even the fine details right on the suit.

Typical Costs

The average cost of the suit ranges between USD$3,000-USD$5,000. However, it depends on several factors, such as:

The Quality Of The Fabric

One thing that contributes to your bespoke suit looking the part is the fabric you choose. The quality determines the longevity of your suit. Since it's quite expensive, you'd want it to last longer. If you go for a bespoke suit, use a two-ply yarn. The yarn is strong enough to withstand shrinkage and stretch from washing or wearing. Additionally, it has natural woven wool, which helps it have a good finish. 

That said, you end up paying more for the fine fabric. It will have a direct effect on the cost of your suit, unlike walking to a clothes shop and buying a ready-made one.   

Unlimited Customization Preferences

One thing about your bespoke suit is that you can have as many details as you want. Thus, you should work with experienced and qualified professionals who will give you unmatched craftsmanship for your bespoke suit. And such expertise can be found at Isaac Ely bespoke suit Toronto.

There are no limits to the number of custom designs you want to include in your suit. It's up to you to paint the picture to your tailor and step back to watch them make your suit as you want it to be. The beauty of bespoke suits is that they're handmade. It makes it easy to correct and include other details in your suit. However, if the tailor gets the details wrong, you'll notice and have them correct to fit your desire.

Some customizations need expensive accessories, such as pick stitches, button shanks, and pocket besoms. The overall costs of these accessories increase the cost of your suit.

Suit Cost

Pattern And Style

For bespoke suits, the pattern and style are factors that make them outstanding. It's because it's entirely an individual's idea. Some of the popular patterns and styles used in making men’s suits include:

  • Closed Vent
  • Single or double-breasted
  • Lining
  • Notched label
  • Under collar Melton cloth
  • Button cuffs
  • Plain hems
  • Straight legs
  • Straight-cut jetted pockets

The details and lined-up patterns are the secrets of a great suit. So, in that case, your tailor must align with the seams, pockets, and sleeves. It helps improve the visual appearance of the suit. On the other hand, you require qualified personnel to handle it and get all the details right. These details consume more fabric than the normal one. 

Production Time

If you want your bespoke suit to come out in excellent detail, you must give your tailor ample time to work on it. A bespoke suit's production time is longer than other suits because of the nature of the work. It takes about 50 hours of handwork to get the sewing job done. It's because the process of cutting the fabric, measuring, and chalking is longer as there's no room for errors.

On the other hand, bespoke suits require several fittings, which are necessary to get the perfect cut for your suit. The common fittings are:

  • Scrap Fitting: The tailor uses a paper pattern to get the details before cutting your fabric.
  • Basted Fitting: In this fitting, the tailor has assembled most of your fabric details using white basting thread. The white thread helps in making adjustments.
  • Forward Fitting: At this stage, your suit is almost ready. The purpose of the forward fitting is to ensure everything is in place before making the final sewing.

The Tailor

It narrows down to experience professionalism for your bespoke suit. And given the circumstances, you'd not want to risk a shoddy job on your fabric. Thus, you outsource from qualified and professional tailors.

The charges will vary according to their professionalism, and your bespoke suit price will be higher depending on your tailor's price.


A good suit is an investment. Regardless of the cost, your bespoke suit will look the part if your tailor gets the details right. The abovementioned factors can help make the suit unique. But it still takes time and skill to get the right cut for you. It boosts your suit's point of view and gives it a standard design. That is all a bespoke suit must have.

How Much Does A Bespoke Suit Cost