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Hitting the Office in Style in 2020

Perhaps there's no greater indicator of a modern office than the propensity to flaunt an "office" wardrobe that offers an (almost) uniform look to signify the "professional" identity of a given workplace.

For many employers, this attire is intended to exude positivity. Work environment aficionados tend to associate well-dressed, professionally-dressed employees with having a successful and respectable workplace.

Perhaps this is one explanation for the "oh so professional" look of top tier brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Saint Laurent, and Gucci,.

In this write-up Tokyo Laundry shows you how to step into your workplace  in style in 2020

Compression T-Shirt

When you're the only person in the workplace with long pants, you might want to grab yourself a lightweight, compression t-shirt. Whether you're a manager or just in charge of budgeting and receipts, this t-shirt is a smart investment.

On the other hand, those who work in office environments and are looking for professional clothes for their workday are also likely to want some style. And thankfully, there are plenty of high-quality shirts that will look fabulous with any outfit.

Here are some of our favourite office shirts that will leave your colleagues gazing at you all through!

Ralph Lauren Textual Suit Short Sleeve Blazer

The modern-day wear label is known for designing some of the most attractive and stylish men's and women's fashions. So, it makes sense that Ralph Lauren would design a more modern-day blazer that perfectly complements the crisp, stylish look of the tailored suit.

Effortless Button Down Shirt for Work

The Tom Ford Oxford Button Down is a modern work-wear style shirt that is perfect for all your daily office needs. Perfect for this season, this shirt is smooth and form fitting with the perfect Oxford collar. Look at this incredible shirt and you'll never want to leave the office! On top of that you can match this shirt with  appropriate mens underwear trend that's very hip right now, so why not wear it at work . It's literally a look!

Fall Men's Sneakers

The new year has just begun but it's definitely on its way, so you may have some fresh arrivals in your hands already.

Pants And Shorts are Available in Different Styles

Pants should be open-front, have waistband and then pants should either have a belt loop or be a-line with a belt. While the belt loops are not optional it helps an average man to make him look more style-forward and less bulky.

No matter your style, a medium-length, but sometimes even longer-length, pant will fit you nicely. For example, a pant that is 8 to 9 inches above your knee will probably not be too baggy and will not be

Get Yourself a Haircut

Lay down some cash for a professional cut. You may consider budget-friendly stylings, but you'll also want to snag a body spray for all your short hairstyles. A dry shampoo is another thing to factor in for added softness.

Get Fit

Getting in shape is something we all strive to do. And if you're trying to conquer the corporate world, your fitness regimen will have to stay on point. Here are two dress code ideas for the office that will keep your work uniform on point.

Final words

We recommend that you pick one piece you are satisfied with and only invest in the second or third best ones. If you really want to wear something different or unique, try a more expensive piece.

Find out about a discount shop before you shop. The less expensive you buy, the more you save-  and an easy way to access all the stuff you need to keep yourself looking sharp.

Hitting the Office in Style in 2020