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Handsome and Hip: The 10 Hottest 2020 Men's Summer Fashions on the Market

10 Hottest 2020 Men's Summer Fashions

Ready to sizzle during the hottest months of the year? Click here to learn some 2020 men's summer fashion tips that are sure to turn heads.

The temperatures are going up and the world is starting to reopen. It's time to kick off those old sweats and get back into style.

The latest in 2020 men's summer fashion is all about being sexy, comfortable, and cool- in all senses of the word. With all the drama in the world lately, let's try to relax, take it easy, and look your best this season.

Here are ten of the hottest looks for summer 2020.

1. Short Shorts

You may still be working from home, so no one knows what you have on below the waist! As long as you don't stand up, you can get the job done in this season's short shorts.

Men's shorts are living up to their name lately, as the long baggy look gives way to a short, 60s style. Maybe after all those squats at the gym, guys are eager to show off their quads.

You can pair these with a loose polo shirt or a long-sleeved linen one. They are great for a stroll along the beach or a sunset cruise in your sailboat.

Now they won't just be singing "who wears short shorts" at the girls!

2. Way out Sunglasses

One trend in men's fashion this year is a loosening up of restrictions. There are fewer limits on what you can and cannot wear.

Eyewear is no exception. You are no longer relegated to conservative tortoiseshell rims or 80s aviators (although with the sequel to "Top Gun" coming out, these are back in style).

Some guys are opting for wide, plexiglass shields- which not only look amazing, but they add to the whole pandemic-mask-protection vibe. These babies come in a rainbow of colors, so you can mix and match with your outfit.

3. Slides

That whole spring season of working from home really made it clear how productive one can be without dressing up in stiff, formal men's wear and uncomfortable leather shoes.

Now that the climate is getting even warmer, expose your tootsies to the air in a pair of stylish slides.

Athletic slides are great with bathing suits or shorts while giving your feet some traction and support.

Leather-soled slides with one or two straps can be worn with a pair of linen pants for casual get-togethers or family barbeques.

4. High-Waisted Trousers

One of the latest trends in men's stylish clothing is high-waisted trousers. Think zoot suits or Bruno Mars. They are classy, hip, and can really flatter that body you have worked so hard to maintain.

They look awesome with a cool hat and a colorful tie, plus they move well if you have the urge to kick up your feet and dance.

5. Baggy Suits

Baggy suits are in this year, emphasizing that cool confidence that comes from a man who knows what he's got and doesn't have to advertise it.

You will even see some double-breasted versions of the loose look, which is roomy enough to let your body breathe and chic enough to wear in the most professional settings.

6. Patchwork Prints

Hawaiian shirts are definitely OUT, due to their association with far-right anarchists.

That's too bad, because not only are those prints fun, everyone loves the cool, loose cut of a great button-down cotton shirt with short sleeves and a boxy fit.

So ditch the flowers and surfboard prints for patchwork print. Designers are exploring mixing and matching madras plaids in an ironic twist on the old, preppy golf pants look.

You can don a loose-fitting, boxy cotton shirt in a patchwork print and be stylish and politically correct!

7. Cross-Body Bags

Men are constantly looking for ways to carry their keys, wallets, and phones without making their pockets look lumpy or asking their lady friends to carry everything for them. Finally, bags for men are making their way into the mainstream.

Without former old fashioned concepts of masculinity and femininity constricting our choices, men are now feeling more and more comfortable sporting chic cross body bags in all sizes. Not they can bring their hairbrush with them wherever they go with inviting teasing.

Now it's not just women who can shop fine leather goods from places like Prada. Check out all the chic options for carrying your stuff across town, or for a weekend jaunt.

8. Sheer

Harry Styles made sheer for men cool when he wore a see-through Gucci outfit to the Met Ball.

For those fashion risk-takers among you, think about showing off those chiseled abs in a sheer or mesh top for hot summer evenings. It can peek out from under a jacket or stand on its own for a dramatic unveiling.

9. Jacket Sans Shirt

Another more daring look seen on the runways this season was the suit without a shirt. Instead of choosing a man-tailored shirt or even a T under the blazer, some guys are just going bare under it all.

A quick nip slip from under a well-cut suit on a guy is shocking and exciting. It can be a real fashion-forward move that will surely make you stand out in a crowd.

10. Skirts

The past few years in fashion have seen a refreshing move towards androgyny, with a loosening of labels on what anyone can and can't wear. More and more guys are embracing the comfort of the skirt, from the fun outfits worn by David on "Schitt's Creek" to tropical sarongs.

Why not enjoy a nice breeze around your nether regions when the temperatures climb and you just want to relax in a hammock? You will be amazed by the freedom you feel when you finally ditch the trousers for once and for all.

What you wear underneath: that's up to you.

2020 Men's Summer Fashion: The Hottest Trends for You

The most popular looks in 2020 men's summer fashion run the gamut from variations on the old standards to the most outrageous new looks that may shock your friends.

Who cares? Choose the looks that make you feel gorgeous and comfy. Life is too short to not wear great clothes!

For more tips on looking great and living your best life, keep checking back.

10 Hottest 2020 Men's Summer Fashions