Guide to Selling, Exchanging, or Donating Used Clothes Online
March 29, 2017

Guide to Selling, Exchanging, or Donating Used Clothes Online

Guide to Selling, Exchanging, or Donating Used Clothes Online 

When you finally make time out of your schedule to organize your closet, you’ll most likely come up with a pile of clothes that you can no longer use or no longer want for whatever reason. Instead of throwing all these away, think about donating, exchanging, or selling them online to make some extra cash. It can be pretty easy to do this with the following tips below:

How to Exchange Clothes Online

Swapping your clothes for another person’s is one way to get rid of something you no longer want. Swapping rules vary, but the main idea is that you exchange your item for one of the other person’s items. This can be done two ways:

  • 1. Organizing a swap party
  • This is a face-to-face swap, where a group of people gather in one place to exchange clothes. You can make up your own rules and decide on what type of clothes to swap. If there isn’t any suitable exchange, the item can be bought for a nominal price.

  • 2.
  • This is a swap party but done remotely or online through the website. You’ll need to register to become a member (which is free), and once you’ve signed up, you can pretty much treat it similarly with Craigslist except this time, you’re swapping and not selling or buying.

    How to Sell Clothes Online

    Online selling has become a huge industry, and has been attracting more and more people to join in. Here’s how you can sell clothes online:

  • 1. Find a marketplace.
  • There are lots of good resources online to help you create an online shop for used clothes. Finding a suitable marketplace is vital to getting your items to the radar of people who will actually find it interesting.

  • 2. Upload photos and a description.
  • Good quality photos are a must in online selling, as are detailed descriptions of the item. This will help attract buyers, and let them know exactly what the item looks like.

  • 3. Settle shipping and payment transaction concerns.
  • Find a secure payment method, and choose reliable shipping options. Don’t forget to factor in shipping costs to your final asking price.

    How to Donate Clothes Online

    When you don’t really feel like going through the hassle of putting your clothes up for sale and dealing with financial transactions, you can always donate them to people who might find better use for them. You can either:

  • 1. Drop off items at a facility
  • Goodwill, The Salvation Army - these are just two of the most well-known organizations that help people in need. You can check out their respective websites to find their nearest facility and drop off your bag of used clothing there.

  • 2. Schedule a pick up.
  • Several organizations that deal with donated items offer pickup service, so if you don’t really have time to go to the physical drop off location, you can try calling them up to inquire about pick up. AmVets is one of those organizations that offer this service.

  • 3. Post your pre-loved items online.
  • Some organizations dedicated to helping out thousands of people in need offer an online website where you can post photos of items that you’d like to donate. An example is Excess Access, which matches what you’re donating to various wish lists from local charities.

    There’s no need to dump all your unused clothing into the trash bin. By knowing where you can swap, sell, or donate them, you’ll be able to clear them out of your closet in no time.

    Guide to Selling, Exchanging, or Donating Used Clothes Online