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Five Fashion Items Men Need To Throw Away

When people come to a fashion website, it's usually because they want some ideas on what to wear. If that's why you've come to our website, you'll find plenty of great suggestions here, and we hope you find them useful! Today, though, we want to talk to you about something different.

Telling people what to wear has been the focus of fashion bloggers for far too long. It's time someone focused on the equally important question of what not to wear - and that's what we're going to do right now.

Every fashion-conscious person is a hoarder to some extent. We buy the latest looks and the seasonal 'must-have' items, and then when we're done using them, we push them to the back of our wardrobes, never to be seen again. In some ways, that can be a good thing.

We might occasionally find a forgotten gem when we're rooting through our closet one day and get a second lease of life out of it. In most ways, though, it's a problem. Not only do we cost ourselves much-needed wardrobe space, but we're also hanging on to some truly tragic fashion items.

It’s time to take back control of your wardrobe. Show it no mercy. Give it no consideration. If you have any of the five items we’re about to list hiding at the back of your wardrobe or closet, it’s time to either take them to a charity store or sling them out for good!

Skinny Jeans

We might never find out who decided that skinny jeans were a good look for men, but if we ever do, we promise we'll have a stern word with them. They don't suit the male figure. They never have. Skinny jeans are now considered passe for women, let alone men.

Let’s be honest about them here as well; they were never comfortable. They weren’t practical either. You can’t fit anything in the pockets, and you can’t sit down comfortably. They’re also merciless if you put on so much as a single pound of weight. It’s impossible to wear skinny jeans without feeling self-conscious from the moment you put them on to the moment you take them off. Solve the problem by never wearing them at all.


We know we’re going to upset a few people when we say this, but it’s not 1950. There’s no need for anybody to wear a tuxedo anymore. Nobody insists on them at weddings, and nobody insists on them at dinner parties.

They might once have been part of the dress code at the casinos you went to, but that’s changed since online slots websites were invented. There’s no dress code when you’re playing online slots on websites like, and so real-world casinos changed the rules to fit the new reality.

That’s how progress works. If the way that casinos operate can be changed by the fact that more people are playing online slots these days, the way you dress for big occasions can change in response to the times, too.

It might be tempting to hang onto yours in case an invitation to a big event of the kind you haven’t been to for the past ten years happens, but you can always hire one if you desperately need to do so.

Band T-Shirts

As popular British band the Courteeners once sang, "you're not nineteen forever. Pull yourself together." They might have been talking about the attitudes that some men never grow out of, but they might as well have been talking about fashion.

It's fine to wear band t-shirts when you're young and grungy. It's less fine when you're in your late twenties or older. There's a certain type of man who only ever wears band t-shirts and jeans, and it’s not the type of man who’s thought of kindly. If you’re particularly attached to your favorite band t-shirt, frame it and use it as a quirky piece of wall art. Don’t carry on wearing it like you just got back from seeing them on tour.


Look up the term 'neckbeard' on the internet. Decide if any of the words used to describe such a person are words you'd like to be used to describe you. If you own a fedora, we assure you that people are using these words to describe you whether you're clean-shaven or not. Very few people can wear a fedora and get away with it.

Most of the people who can are detectives, and fictional detectives at that. We're not against all headgear for men, but if you want to wear something fashionable on top of your skull, consider the "Peaky Blinders" style flat cap. That's very much 'in' at the moment. Everything else is out, and in the case of the fedora, they won't be coming back.

Oversized Jackets

It was very briefly fashionable to wear oversized clothing somewhere around the turn of the century. We're still trying to work out why that was the case. Most oversized garments have disappeared from clothes rails in the years since then, but the oversized jacket is hanging around like a bad smell. We have no idea why.

It's not flattering, and it makes it look like you're wearing hand-me-downs from your father or older brother. The look you're going for in jackets is tailored and slim.

It can be long if you'd like it to be long, but the shoulders should be a comfortable fit, and you shouldn't look as if you could hide inside it like a turtle. If you have one, donate it to someone much larger than you. They'll make a good go of wearing it properly.

Four of the items we’ve identified above are pretty chunky, so they’ll save you considerable wardrobe space once you’ve either set fire to them or otherwise disposed of them.

You’re now free to visit the other pages on our site and find some advice on the things you can fill your closet with instead. It might feel a little painful to throw away some of your favorite old garments, but you’ll be glad you did when you’ve got a whole new look to replace them with!

Five Fashion Items Men Need To Throw Away