4 Stylish and Sustainable Men’s Fashion Brands
March 22, 2020

Feel Ethical, Feel Eco-Friendly: 4 Stylish and Sustainable Men’s Fashion Brands

You can be stylish and, at the same time, conscious of what is happening and transpiring to the world. We are now in an era where ethical and sustainable clothing is the new brand of fashion since it has been found out that the clothing industry accounts for 8 percent of the greenhouse emissions. 

Now clothing brands are becoming more critical and purposive to the materials that they are using to their production. Instead of using toxic and non-eco-friendly substances. Clothing brands like Levi’s and Columbia are now utilizing ecological textile production in order to reduce waste that comes from the creation and production of garments. 

The role of sustainable fashion is to carry a torch that enables green consumption. Spending your hard-earned money on clothes that will significantly impact our planet for good, and that is also a quality product, surely sounds like a win-win solution for everyone.


One of the human’s most significant inventions is the plastics, and somehow it is also the worst thing that ever existed on this planet. And we can now see how to damage it creates. But plastics are not only pollutants that are taking a toll on our ecosystem. Synthetic fibers contain a tiny that are present in polyester swim trunks that, in turn, enter the waterways every time they are worked in the water or washed. Thus, sea life could consume this kind of fibers and later on be ingested by humans. 

The brand Outerknown, founded by Kelly Slater, a pro surfer and is also known for establishing and creating clothing made from recycled fishing nets. He initiated this environmentally sound alternative for synthetic fiber through the creation of merino wool trunks that is called Woolaro that is water-wicking, odor resistant, quick-drying, and the thing about it is that Woolaro is fully biodegradable.


Everyone has a role in preventing global pollution, and the Oris brand made sure they get it right. Oris is an eco-friendly brand that caters to recycling goods. The release of their Sixty-Five Divers watch with its strap made from 100% recycled plastic items, including recycled yarn, plastic bottles, and plastic flakes, made a significant impact on the watch industry.

SOLO Eyewear

What is better than helping our world recuperate? Well, donating and giving back to the people who need help. Yes, SOLO Eyewear does only pride themselves with their eco-friendly products. SOLO Eyewear also keeps their head up with their good intentions and a great initiative in helping people see better by donating 10 percent of their profits. 

This San Diego Brand has helped a whopping number of 15,000 in 32 countries and counting. They fund eyeglasses, cataract surgeries, and eye exams for those people who are suffering from eye problems and diseases. SOLO Eyewear used materials like recycled plastics and repurposed bamboo in their sunglasses. In that way, they saved tons and tons of plastics from being produced every year.


Patagonia, with its proverbial laurel of responsibility and sustainability, there is no denying that Patagonia is one of the frontrunners of brands that really cares for our environment. Patagonia is emphasizing in making tech gear that is ready to wear in any kind of environment. Patagonia has a recent campaign that is called Patagonia Action Works that deals with community building. Through this, Patagonia will serve as a resource that will empower those environmental action groups who are seeking change.

Patagonia has been taking a stance for quite some time and has been petitioning to the government to protect the national parks. They have continuously been safeguarding the ecosystem, challenging the norms, and creating and producing innovative and creative products. Their new product, which is the Hot Weather Hemp Blends collection, featured pieces that are made from Tencel, organic cotton, and hemp. And what they produced in the collection of shorts and shirts that are breathable, light, and durable.

United By Blue

It equates to more than one million pieces of plastic drinking bottles being acquired every minute. Five trillion single-use plastics are utilized every year around the globe. Due to this, everyone should take the initiative to take care of our planet. Thus, United By Blue, other than their products made from recycled fabrics and organic materials, they are also committed in the further environmental cleanup that aims to reduce the pollution of plastics. 

In a year, United By Blue hosted events like trash removals in 21 states through this, more than 500,000 pounds of trash were removed from the face of the earth. The company took its commitment to the next level by cleaning a pound of waste for every product they sold. One remarkable thing United By Blue is that their style and substance go hand in hand, and one great example for that is the chambray shorts that are made using organic cotton blended with new and recycled hemp.


Now that we are facing the dangers of extinction and the growing damage in our ecosystem, resulting in environmental catastrophes like climate change and global warming. We need to take a stance and have a better approach to take good care of our environment. And it may feel like it so hard to know where to begin, but the thing is always good to start in considering the sustainability behind every clothes we wear. Clothing companies or watch brands like Longines  are now finding an alternative eco-friendly, and ethical responsibility initiatives will surely elevate your style.