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Expert Tips To Choose The Perfect Cologne For You

Choosing the right cologne can be a bit confusing for anyone. Finding a signature scent that, over time, is associated with your presence requires a bit more thought than buying the first one you come across. What's more, with so many scents out there, it's definitely worthwhile to take your time when making a selection. After all, you will be flaunting your signature scent for quite some time.

Whether you're wondering if the fresh scent of Usher cologne is right for you, or you have your eye on another iconic fragrance, consider these expert tips before making a purchase.

Understand The Basics Of Perfume

Before you start shopping around for options, you should understand the basics of perfume. The first main factor you should know is that scent notes are revealed in three layers; the top, the heart, and the base. While the top notes are the strongest, they will gradually evaporate. Typically, heart notes are florals. But with that said, the most prominent notes are the base, as they linger around for the longest.

The second and final essential factor you must know is that notes can change depending on the season. Typically, winter scents have heavier notes. Popular winter fragrance choices are musky and woody scent categories.

Know The Scent Families

Now that you know the basics, you must know which scent family you find appealing. There are several categories to choose from, ranging from oriental, woody, and herbal to floral, citrus, and fruity.

Scents categories that you find appealing are typically a good choice; it won't fare well to choose a scent you aren't particularly fond of. That said, you should also consider categories that carry heavier notes for colder seasons and lighter floral notes for warmer seasons.

Test The Scent

A good cologne can cost quite a bit, so you won't want to buy many bottles and sample them at home. At the same time, it will also be pretty disappointing to purchase a cologne that you end up not liking.

Moreover, because some scents can smell fabulous from the bottle but fail to compliment your unique scent, you could end up wasting money. Instead, test the scent beforehand, and ask your friends or family if they think the scent smells good on you.

Testing the scent and asking for opinions is the most crucial step to purchasing the right cologne with confidence.

Once you have found the right cologne, it's also worth your while to find out how to wear cologne the right way. Even though it might seem a bit elementary, you might discover that you have been using cologne wrong if you aren't applying it on dry, clean skin to the heated areas of your body while holding the bottle three to six inches away.

Wearing cologne the right way is just as important as choosing the right scent. Furthermore, always be sure to take your time shopping around and testing fragrances. You can also take your research on perfume basics a bit further and find out which fragrance notes are considered attractive.

Tips To Choose The Perfect Cologne For You