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Expanding The Lifespan On Your Sneakers - The Complete Guide

Buying the nicest or coolest sneakers on the market isn’t enough. Even if you didn’t pay much for them, you still want to be able to wear them for more than just one month.

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Now that you’re the proud owner of some brand new and fabulous pair of sneakers, there’s only one thing left for you to do: take good care of them!

What do you need for taking care of your sneakers?

Don’t get panicked: you’re not going to break the bank for buying the tools you need for caring for your sneakers.

Anyways, the first rule when it comes to sneakers is to rotate them; the more often you wear your no.1 favorite, the faster they’re going to wear out.

Having said that, let’s see what you need to prepare for taking care for your sneakers:

  • Microfiber cloth

You should start using a microfiber cloth for spotting clean the splashes and the scuffs. Any clean cloth is going to work, but you may want to go with disposable shoe-specific cleaning wipes for the fastest solutions. A white cloth is ideal, nevertheless.

  • A soft-medium bristle brush

The brush is a fundamental tool for any shoe care kit. The bristles are important as sometimes you need stiffer bristles, whereas sometimes the softer ones are the better choice. Best thing is to have more than just one bristle brush so that you take good care of all of your shoes. Even a toothbrush is going to work!

  • Shoe cleaner solution

You shouldn’t get cheap with this one so pay the extra buck for a high-quality shoe cleaner solution. This is recommended especially if you got yourself a high-end pair of sneakers. Use the solution with a wet brush and some warm water, in a gentle way.

  • Suede protector

If your sneakers are made of leather/suede, you also need to use a protector that is specially formulated for leather/suede. It’s best that you leave the protector work throughout the entire night so that your sneakers are protected for a couple of months. Don’t use something that it’s not made for shoes; you don’t want the protector to be too heavy, damaging your sneakers.

  • Shoe deodorizer

Truth be told, all feet are going to get funky sooner or later. Stay on the safe side and use a deodorizer or fragrance spray. You need to remove the insoles from the sneakers and apply it to the insoles afterwards.

Some moisture-wicking socks and dryer sheets in your sneakers left up until the morning are going to do the trick as well.

  • Iron

The iron isn’t for your sneakers, but for the laces. If you’re looking for the perfect look on your sneakers, some occasional ironing for the laces is going to do wonders. You should also pay attention to the laces, not only to the sneakers. Clean the laces any now and then and bleach them only if you don’t have another option. Too much trouble? Simply get more than just one pair of laces for your sneakers!

  • Washing machine

When you don’t have any more options for cleaning your sneakers, go to the washing machine. Remove the laces and the footbeds and place your sneakers in a wash bag or a pillowcase. Use the delicate cycle and…hope for the best! The washing machine may not be the best option for cleaning your sneakers and you should only use it as last resort.

How to take care of your sneakers?

Now that you know what tools you need to have around the house for keeping your sneakers in top shape, here are the things you actually have to do for expanding the lifespan on your sneakers:

  • Treat them well

You should get a protective spray for your canvas sneakers so that you help them repel stains and water. Use a similar protective spray if your sneakers are made of leather or suede. It’s best that you let the spray work for a couple of hours (24 hours or so) before you take your sneakers out for a ride. No matter how late you may be, never skip this step for your sneakers.

  • Spot clean them

Remember the microfiber cloth? Now it’s a good time to spend a couple of minutes for cleaning your sneakers. Some warm water on a microfiber cloth may be enough for getting rid of the shallow stains, but you may want to add some cleaners or mild soap if the stains aren’t going away that easy.

  • Keep the laces in good shape as well

nothing ruins the looks of your sneakers better than a pair of some dirty laces. Soak the laces in hot water any now and then. You can also iron the laces, but this may ruin their flexibility.

  • Wear good socks

If you want to keep the bad smells away from your sneakers, one of the things you really need to do is to use socks. You should get some boldly patterned socks if you want to add an interesting touch to your outfit. Go with the no-show socks if you want to keep your ankles free. Don’t forget to get socks with rubber heel grip so that you reduce the risk for slippage.

  • Store them properly

When you’re done with your sneakers, you should store them away from direct sunlight as sunlight may fade the color of your sneakers. Ideally, you should store the sneakers in their original box. You can also add some dryer sheets into the sneakers for absorbing the moisture and keep them in good shape.

  • The professional-grade solutions

When the microfiber cloth or the warm water doesn’t clean your sneakers, you should look for the professional products. get a sneaker cleaner especially made for leather or suede- it all depends on the material on your sneakers.

No matter how desperate you are, you should never use the washing machine, especially in the case of leather/suede sneakers. Even some canvas sneakers may get away with one or two washings in the washing machine, your leather/suede sneakers may never recover from it.

One last thought

One common problem when it comes to taking care of your sneakers is whether you should use bleach or not. Truth be told, it’s all up to you and you should only do it only if anything else fails.

If you have a pair of sneakers that used to be pristine white and you want to take the chance of using the bleach, just go ahead and do it!

Use a diluted solution of one-part bleach to five parts water and scrub your used-to-be-white sneakers with it. Don’t forget to use some warm water for rinsing. Don’t fall into temptation and use more bleach than recommended. You’re only going to end up with a dull pair of yellowish sneakers.

Don’t have the guts for the bleaching solution? Mix some baking soda with some water- it may work!





Expanding The Lifespan On Your Sneakers