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Expand Your Style Horizons With These Men’s Fashion Trends

Men in India spend 30 percent of their disposable income on themselves, according to Trak.in. This includes money spent on clothing. When Indian men invest in the hottest new fashion trends, they’ll expand their style horizons and give their images a bit of ultra-modern polish.

They say that clothes make the man, and there may be something to this. A study referenced in Psychology Today showed that men who dressed up in fine clothes were rated as more successful and confident.

When it comes to your own wardrobe, investing in good pieces that are right on the cutting edge of fashion will be the key to getting great value for what you spend and making a superb first impression.

Dad jeans are in fashion

Denim trends come and go. Right now, dad jeans are red hot. These jeans have subtle boot cuts or straight legs and they come in light or medium washes. Simple and basic, they are easy to pair with printed shirts and colorful jackets.

To get a look that is runway-ready, wear your new dad jeans with bold tops and jackets from high-fashion brands, such as Off-White and Versace. If you don’t usually spend money on high fashion and you need to pull out the plastic, shop around for a credit card that offers affordable interest rates and other perks, such as air miles.

If you wear high-fashion pieces regularly and these pieces give you confidence, they will be good investments. If you can’t afford high fashion, look for high street replicas.

High-end suits are in demand

Male celebrities who attend awards ceremonies understand the power of high-end suits. They wear them to dazzle fans and feel their very best. You can get the same effect by choosing custom or very high-quality “off-the-rack” suits. Wear your suits to work to send a message of success.

They’ll do double duty on fancier date nights. Wild, retro-inspired suits from Gucci are very hot right now, but sleek and sophisticated designs, from Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, are also great options.

Graphic knits are fun and funky choices

Graphic hoodies and t-shirts have been trendy for a long time. These days, bold graphics are appearing on knits, such as pullover sweaters and cardigans. If you love wearing knits, you should know that they are available in lightweight versions that are ideal for warm climates.

Of course, warmer, cosier graphic knits are also out there. Iceberg and Off-White are currently offering graphic knits that are fun and funky status symbols.

Sometimes, men need to update their wardrobes because they fall into fashion ruts. If you feel like your own wardrobe is looking a little dated, why not embrace one, two or all these men’s fashion trends?

When you wear what’s hot and happening, you’ll spend your fashion dollars wisely and impress everyone that you meet.

Expand Your Style Horizons With These Men’s Fashion Trends