Elevator shoes for men
October 12, 2018

How Men Properly Walk In Elevator Shoes?

For centuries, shoes with an elevated heel have been used by both men and women in fashion.

Height is often seen as an attractive quality. Women like to be seen as having long slender legs, while men simply prefer to be seen as taller or larger.

This Elevator Shoes was popularized by members of European royal courts throughout the continent years ago but has fallen out of fashion since the start of the industrial revolution.

For men, it is no longer acceptable to have a high- heeled shoe, with the exception of a boot or dress shoe that typically adds around an inch. Women, however, have gone on to use high heels in everyday work and social wear.

So, what are men to do? Are men doomed to accept the height that they were genetically designed to have?

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Enter the elevator shoes for men.

While platform shoes and high heels give the wearer an extra boost from a visible addition to the sole of their shoes, elevator shoes for men give a boost from within. Think of it as a little in-sole bonus.

Hidden beneath the exterior is a raised sole to give the wearer a few extra inches from within. This is well designed to be inconspicuous, lest men are made fun of for wearing them.

There are shoes that come with this built inside, as well as inserts that can be added to any shoe you like.

These elevated inserts do require a little know-how to move around in. Elevator shoes for men affect posture as well as stride and it takes a bit of getting used to. To walk in them properly men should first choose the right shoe.

For instance, dress shoes are more conspicuous than sneakers or boots when trying to look taller. If the occasion calls for fancy footwear, then make sure to wear long dark pants to help conceal your height aid.

Sneakers, however, are a very easy fit. They are designed to be more comfortable and supportive of the wearers’ foot. As a result, they can conceal elevator shoes or lift inserts quite easily.

There are even shoes specially designed to camouflage this height increase in a stylish way. Most of these are high top sneakers but there are brogues and other options available as well.

Secondly, these shoes require a certain kind of step. Think about walking in a pair of boots. Elevator shoes for men necessitate a smoother stride than your everyday Nikes. Walk gently with a heel-toe mentality.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but once you have it down you’ll be able to glide around effortlessly.

If you are going to double down and get an elevated boot or wear a pair of boots with elevated inserts inside, then you will have to walk a little more slowly.

You certainly won’t be chasing down purse snatchers or making a quick getaway with this combination.

Lastly, and most importantly, walk with confidence. One of the main appeals of taller men is that they exude confidence. This is an ideal route to a woman’s heart.

Confidence may not come naturally but with a bit of practice, you should at least be able to fake it until you make it.

With all of this in mind, you will feel empowered the next time you step out in elevator shoes for men.

Not only will you find yourself more desirable, but your confidence level and posture will certainly thank you for the extra nudge.