DualClimate™ Underwear
December 09, 2018

DualClimate™ Underwear: Performance Plus Better Hygiene

While many people would like to exercise, they are unable to do so in hot weather, because their clothes, specifical underwear is chafing their skin, and they are getting rashes.

To overcome this problem Golific has developed a special Dual climate underwear for men, which combines Performance Plus Better Hygiene.

DualClimate™ Underwear has a two-way pocket which ensures that the wearer is comfortable in both cold and warm weather.

The underwear is made from a special soft modal fabric which will not cause chafing of the skin and heat rash, even if the wearer is sweating a lot. The moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly, so there is no friction with the skin.

The high-quality fabric used in the underwear is anti-microbial, so bacteria do not flourish even if the wearer is sweating and there is no odour caused by minerals in the sweat.

Stretchable spandex fibre is used, which stretches for a perfect fit. The garment uses special technology to prevent skin to skin contact which helps sweat spread and cause bad odour.

DualClimate™ Underwear