Discover the Trendiest Rings for Men This Spring
May 18, 2022

Discover the Trendiest Rings for Men This Spring

You don’t have to be a married person to wear rings anymore. Rings have always made a statement. And nowadays, everyone is wearing rings. You don’t have to be a certain gender or a famous artist. You don’t have to be Johnny Deep, Machine Gun Kelly, or Offset. Whoever you are, you can wear rings. And, you can wear rings any time of day or night and still look killer. There are so many mens rings that range from bold to minimal.

You can be anything you want to be in this day and age. And let me guess, you want to up your style game but don’t know how? If you identify as a man, why not add some rings for some extra drip? How about adding in a few men’s rings from CRAFTD London. Like a silver statement ring like the Vitruvian Ring, and a silver Live Free Band Ring. These are bold and can add that extra drip, that is, if you want them to. Or they can just up your outfit game for the evening. If these are too flashy for you, you can stick to simple and minimal. Or, add in multiple statement rings, minimal rings, and mix it up. Go big or go home.

Men's rings have made a serious transformation and aren’t only for celebrities to wear. Keep reading to learn more about rings for men!

Trendiest Rings for Men This Spring

Where Did Men's Rings Begin?

In a traditional sense, men have worn rings to signify power and wealth. Rings were typically worn by other cultures, religious figures, noblemen, and aristocrats. In ancient times, Egyptians wore rings to symbolize social status. They would wear rings like scarab rings, signet rings, and wedding rings. And even up until before World War II, rings and jewelry were worn by men. During World War II, men wore their wedding rings to remind them of their spouses at home. It wasn’t until after World War II that rings no longer symbolized wealth. But were rather seen on people like hippies, bikers, and the mob. It wasn’t until the 90s that the grunge scene made men's jewelry and rings popular again. So, while most of us are nostalgic for the 90s, don’t worry, they’re coming back. You better believe men's rings are no longer just a nostalgia piece, they are back for good this year.

Keep reading to learn about the trendiest rings for men this spring!

How Can You Elevate Your Look With Rings?

There are so many types of rings. You don’t have to rely on just a wedding band to wear rings. You can decide what color rings you like and what looks best on you. You get to decide what color rings you like and what looks best on you. We’re past the days of fitting in and not standing out. rings can help define you. If you want to find cool men's rings, you can visit gthic skull rings.

Men's rings have come a long way since the days of gold wedding bands or class rings. There are almost too many to choose from. Like most jewelry, you can choose to be completely iced out or not. With men's rings, it’s no longer plain and boring. You can choose from different materials, different styles, and different stones. And the best part is, there’s no rule book. You get to choose the look you’re going for. You can even choose to wear rings to work with a more sophisticated look. Or choose edgier rings for going out for the night.

Gold and silver tend to be the most popular. But today, you can choose from rings with stones, pictures, or rings made of different materials. CRAFTD London has so many men’s rings to choose from. Their rings range from simple, sleek, and minimalist to bold and powerful. So whatever look you’re going for, you can. You can choose from things like a signet ring, a band ring, a fleur stone ring, a Saint Christopher ring, etc. The rings at CRAFTD London are made from quality materials like stainless steel, rhodium, and 18 K gold. Not only that, but they are water, sweat, and heat resistant. So you don’t have to worry about tarnishing or discoloration.

But the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to ride in style. You can wear high-quality jewelry that looks and feels good. And, you won’t be spending your next month's paycheck on one ring. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality for the price. Men’s rings are the newest statement. Oh yeah, and if you want a signet ring. Don’t be afraid to wear your style and show off who you are.