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February 14, 2024

Custom Letterman Jackets - Unique Symbols of Achievement and Style

Letterman jackets hold a special place in American culture as iconic garments representing identity, community, and personal accomplishments. Clothoo offers fully customized letterman jackets to help you design a unique jacket that celebrates your passions and achievements.

The Evolution of the Letterman Jacket

The varsity letterman jacket has its origins in 1865 when Harvard's baseball team began wearing wool sweaters with a large embroidered "H" on the chest. These were initially only awarded to athletes who actively played in games as a symbol of their sporting accomplishments.

By the 1930s, the modern letterman jacket design emerged - wool body with leather sleeves and customized patches, stripes, stars, and letters denoting ranks, achievements, and affiliations. High schools and colleges adopted the tradition and letterman jackets became highly desired items.

Custom letterman jackets entered mainstream fashion when professional teams made merchandising jackets for fans in the 1980s. Michael Jackson and other music stars helped further popularize the jackets as iconic fashion.

Customized Letterman Jackets by Clothoo

At Clothoo, we offer customized letterman jackets so you can design a jacket unique to you. Our user-friendly website makes it easy to pick colors, materials, embroidery, patches, and other details to create your vision.

We use premium 100% wool bodies and genuine leather sleeves for a high-quality jacket that looks great and lasts. Our skilled embroiderers utilize advanced techniques to beautifully stitch names, slogans, numbers, logos, and more.

Who Are Custom Letterman Jackets For?

Traditionally associated with academic achievements, our customized jackets appeal to:

Schools and Sports Teams

Coaches, teachers, and staff can order customized letterman jackets for school athletes, academic clubs, bands, and other student groups. These special jackets become memoirs of school days.

Companies and Organizations

Varsity letterman jackets allow companies, clubs, charities, and other organizations to create customized branded apparel for employees, members, or event participants.


Design a personalized jacket just for yourself to celebrate your interests and personality! Our custom jackets make great birthday, holiday, or graduation gifts.

Unique Customization Options

Ways you can customize your Clothoo Letterman Jackets Man include:

  • 15 classic wool body and leather sleeve colors, plus custom color matching.
  • Custom patches and placement - chenille letters, stars, insignia.
  • Embroidered text on chest, sleeves, back - names, slogans, logos.
  • Contrasting striping, tipping, and trim accents.
  • Snap, zipper, or button front closures.
  • Wool blend or faux leather sleeves.

We guide you through our customization process to create your dream jacket within your budget.

Ordering Made Easy

Placing your Clothoo customized letterman jacket order involves just 4 steps:

  1. Browse our website and select a jacket style to customize.
  2. Use the customization tool to pick colors, materials, embroidery, patches and details.
  3. Provide embroidered text and upload custom artwork/logos.
  4. Submit order and payment. Your unique jacket goes into production!

Our team meticulously crafts each jacket to match your customizations. Your jacket ships within 3-4 weeks worldwide. Expedited shipping also available.


Here are some common questions about our custom letterman jackets:

What materials are used?

Our jackets feature 100% wool bodies, genuine or faux leather sleeves, and ribbed collar, cuff, and waistband trim. Materials are durable yet comfortable.

What can be customized?

You can customize colors, materials, embroidery, patches, striping, nameplates, and many other details. We offer 15 classic color choices and also do color matching.

How is embroidery and patching done?

Our skilled embroiderers use advanced software and techniques for crisp, quality embroidery of text, logos, and custom artwork you provide. Patches are sewn on meticulously by hand.

Are bulk orders available?

Yes, we welcome bulk orders for teams, schools, organizations, and large groups! Our online tool makes it easy to design multiple customized jackets.

How long does it take to receive my order?

For individual orders, your customized jacket ships within 3-4 weeks of order placement. Bulk orders may take a bit longer depending on size.

Celebrate Your Story with a Custom Jacket

Design your own one-of-a-kind Letterman Jackets Man with Clothoo to celebrate your interests and achievements. With quality craftsmanship and endless customization, we make it easy to create your ideal jacket.