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Casual Style Guide for Men to Look Spectacular

Casual Style Guide for Men to Look Spectacular

Your fashion sense should never take a break-even if you are off the clock. A casual dress code for guys is perhaps their one chance to express the best of what they’ve got in the aspect of personal styling.

Guys wish to give a great first impression to people they meet every day with a trendy yet comfy look. They want to dress better and look spectacular all the time. But most of the style advice revolves mainly around the top trends of the season.

We are in absolute awe of casual styling as it seems like an open invitation to dress in whatever you feel is comfortable for you. You need not put on a three-piece suit to run errands on Sunday, but presenting yourself well is always a great idea.

Casual styling is more about finding the right balance between style, comfort, and individuality rather than getting formalities into focus. Keep in mind to think about fashionable yet functional outfits.

We understand that grasping all the style nuances can be daunting, so here we’ve decoded some of the most top-rated styling tips to ace up your style game.

1. Aim to dress like a Grown-up

Men tend to approach the casual style from the wrong angle as they aim to look youthful. Instead, when you desire to look well-dressed, you should seek to look more mature.

Maturity is referred to as an attractive quality in guys, as it separates men from boys. It’s a quality that you wish people see in you as it reflects masculinity and commands respect. But we don’t mean that you should dress old.

2. Rock your Jeans

Jeans are the casual go-to legwear for guys and are the epitome of versatile dressing. Jeans look superb as long as you are wearing the right ones. Keep in mind to avoid wearing baggy jeans. Fit N Style offers the right diet charts to help you with skinny legs. The right pair of jeans should not pool around your ankles.

Casual Style Guide for Men to Look Spectacular

Consider avoiding embellishments with no excessive rips, distress, or bleaching. Keep your jeans simple without any logos. Go in for a clean, blue pair of jeans that fit you well.

3. Avoid Graphic Tees for a mature Look

We understand that you love your graphic tees and that they are your go-to clothes for casual outings. But the first thing you are required to do is to shed off your boyish look.

You have better options than wearing those tees. Moreover, despite what people believe, these tees do not make you look funny. Every other guy is wearing these tees, so you are more likely to blend in with the crowd.

You do not spot a rom-com heartthrob or a masculine hero wearing these tees in movies, either. Instead, consider going in for striped tees, one-color t-shirts, or solid t-shirts. Such t-shirts are likely to make you stand out of the sea of men with graphic tees.

You can preferably wear a casual shirt or polo shirt. Casual doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to wear a collar. Simple shirts with dark jeans make up for a stunning combination.

4. Choose Classy footwear

You are at high risk of ruining your otherwise perfect outfit due to your dirty sneakers. Consider replacing your shoes with dignified ones. And don’t assume that people won’t notice your shoes because they do, especially women.

No doubt white sneakers look great in a casual outfit. But you can experiment with brown leather shoes to class up things a bit. It yields you a sharper look. You have a variety of options in terms of footwear so explore your horizon beyond sneakers.

5. Consider Accessorizing

Decorating your wrists with accessories is another great way to add a little spice to a dull outfit. Naked wrists can be boring so consider going in for wrist accessories. You can preferably wear a leather bracelet or a watch.

Casual Style Guide for Men to Look Spectacular

Wearing something on your wrist adds more personality to your whole outfit. Wearing something as simple and classy as a watch can go a long way. A leather wrap bracelet is an amazing option to add more style.

Make it Simple but significant

The casual styling is the sweet spot between underdressed and overdressed. Elevate and personalize your look with these relaxed wear that offers the appropriate amount of elegance.

You can wear whatever you want as there are no rules and very few limits. You can always experiment and explore the various options to find the right clothes that suit you well.

Casual Style Guide for Men to Look Spectacular