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Can Underwear Save a Nation?

Nations are created with the common goal of bringing people together with a united cause. Countries are fickle and those who run it share the same quality. The trick to dealing with said figureheads is the delivery of information, and information is arguably the factor that decides the strength of a nation.

Data or its lack thereof could launch a nation into global supremacy or drown it further into turmoil. Every decision made in the "general interest" of a nation is likely to have a dramatic effect on the commonplace of public life.

What role does underwear play? Will better underpants lead to a better constitution? Can innerwear stop wars from waging?

Needless to say, it would be in our best interest to keep the leaders comfortable. Intentionally or otherwise, we've handed over the keys to our lives as a result of our most recent political deadlock. After this, we've bid goodbye to our brief moment of delusional power.

Regardless of the direction an individual leans, a decision made in distress doesn't bode well for either side of the great divide. After a long day of being sat in the court of justice being relentlessly hindered by their underwear, their decisions no longer cater to the greater good. Subconsciously, their mind is occupied by the strong desire to feel comfortable again.

From a purely democratic standpoint, they should have the right to choose the right underwear. But, the lack of awareness about the best underpants for themselves isn't easy to overcome. The data deficit proves to push the nation into downfall yet again.

Leaders, followers, and bystanders are all better off with better underwear. Every one of them, at some point in their life, will make decisions that can potentially change their lives for better or worse. Most people most likely would never make decisions that affect the life of a community as it currently is. But if that were the case, you need better underwear pronto.

The freedom of choice was the spark that lit up the fire of the world as we know it. Capitalism, free trade, and entrepreneurship were birthed under our right to choose. But the right to choose is at a loss when it's coupled with ignorance. Earn the freedom of choice that's fueled by the abundance of information. Choose the right underwear, and make sure your choice is real.

More so if your decision drives the common good.

Learn which underpants work for you. Being ignorant isn't your mistake, but staying ignorant is on you.

Spread awareness. Be a part of the solution. Your nation counts on you.

Can Underwear Save a Nation?