Brazil’s Upcoming Men’s Summer Trends
September 30, 2019

Brazil’s Upcoming Men’s Summer Trends

Brazil’s Upcoming Men’s Summer Trends

As we head into fall here in the northern hemisphere, things are brightening up in South America as they say hello to spring and summertime. One country where the fashion always tends to catch my eye is Brazil (and it’s not just because of the bright colors and bold prints).

Despite scorching temperatures and heaps of humidity they always seem to ooze a signature style that looks cool yet smart, especially when you’re in bustling cities such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Because Brazil is such a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, you see this reflected in their fashion sense everywhere you turn. The strong Portuguese roots in Brazil mean that outfits always look polished while in keeping with the latest fashion trends, and, influences from some parts of Africa and Britain ensure vibrant styles and patterns always make their way into the mix.

Beachwear is also popular attire, especially in Rio? Yet, even when dressed for the beach Brazilians can still manage to look well-groomed.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the upcoming fashion trends for this upcoming SS in Brazil.


“Businesswear is an essential part of every Brazilian man’s arsenal,” says Thiago Arias from the Brazilian branch of Reviewbox. “In the 2020 collections we will be seeing looser fitting suits in an array of colors which are perfect for the warmer days; black and navy are officially axed for SS 2020 so it’s time to update your color palette” he continues.

Even on casual days, we recommend teaming your look with a relaxed blazer to smarten things up. If it’s a super casual hangout with friends and you’re feeling as daring as Givenchy, you can ditch the shirt underneath – although it’s probably not a great idea if you’re actually heading to a meeting. Want some more practical ideas to style your Blazer? Check out our post on the coolest ways to rock your blazer.

Brazil’s Upcoming Men’s Summer Trends


Here in the northern hemisphere, this past summer saw neon prints and colors take over the shelves. This may filter through the Brazilian fashion scene slightly over the next couple of months, with summer sweaters from the likes of Loewe honing in on vibrant colors.

However, they’re also going to majorly tone it down in some areas. The SS 2020 fashion shows from London and New York and puts a lot more emphasis on pastel hues for this season. Nevertheless, prints were still big business and we can expect to see inspiration drawn from Africa and the Middle East.

Brazil’s Upcoming Men’s Summer Trends

Animal Print

The major print of the season? Animal print. Animal prints were also heavily featured in the FW 19/20 collections and it seems that the trend is around to stay with big name brands like Versace all over timeless leopard print styles. Pants, shirts and even a half/half black and leopard trench coat featured on their men's runway collection for SS2020 and we anticipate such styles will be big on the Bahia coast.