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Boat Shoes: Our Guide To Wearing Them

In the menswear world, boat shoes remain a popular classic casual shoe choice. When boat shoes first came out, they were made for sailors, as well as boaters.

The shoes were designed to prevent boaters and sailors from slipping on the decks.

Eventually, boat shoes became popular outside of the boating world because people noticed the benefits they had to offer.

One reason why boat shoes became so popular because of their non-slip rubber sole, as well as the hand-sewn upper design.

Fast forward to present day, boat shoes are popular with both non-boaters and boaters, due to their functionality and the way they look.

We want you to look as good as possible when you wear boat shoes, and this is why we're going to provide you with some useful tips and advice.

The goal should be to look like a yacht owner and not someone who is reliving their college years. With that said, here is a brief list of do's and don't.

The Do's

  • Wear the shoes to the beach. These shoes were designed to be worn for maritime activities. When you wear boating shoes, you'll fit in with the locals.
  • Wear them when you are on the road travelling. You will quickly realize that boating shoes are perhaps the most comfortable shoes around. Not only that, but you can easily get them on and get them off, and they will make long treks seem easier to complete.
  • Boating shoes can be worn to the office. At least this is the case if the environment is business casual. Boating shoes will complement your overall outfit, and they are stylish - for example look at these from Sole Trader.
  • Did a pair of shoes for a date? If so, then you can't go wrong by showing up wearing a pair of boating shoes, which will spark a conversation and they give you personality. If your

The Don'ts

  • Boating shoes shouldn't be worn in the winter. If you get the shoes wet, then they won't look as good. As a rule of thumb, wear the shoes when the weather is warm.
  • Don't wear them for a classy affair. These shoes are not designed for black tie events. Generally speaking, boating shoes are best suited for laid-back and casual events.

How To Wear Boating Shoes: Do's & Don'ts

  • Wear them with your favourite pair of denim jeans. Here's a tip, cuff the hems of your pants. This will draw more attention to your shoes, which will no undoubtedly be the most important part of the entire wardrobe.
  • Wear a pair of boat shoes with some chinos. A pair of chinos and boat shoes look great, but you want to put a bit of thought into it. Balance things out by wearing pants that is a different colour than your shoes. By doing this, you can rest assure your outfit will look amazing.
  • Feel free to wear boat shoes with a pair of shorts. Just as you would with pants, make sure you balance things out. If you don't want to overdo things, then wear a pair of boat shoes with shorts that are plain.
  • Do not wear your shoes with visible socks because they just won't look good. In fact, the entire look will be ruined and you will look like you're inexperienced when it comes to your sense of style. However, feel free to wear no-show socks, as these types of socks won't be visible with a pair of boat shoes.
  • Never wear a pair of boat shoes with a suit because your entire look will look wrong. If you want to dress things up a bit, then wear denim that is dark. Throw a blazer on too, as this will create the ultimate business casual look.
  • All you have to do now is find a pair of boat shoes. Trust us, you will love wearing them. With so many choices out there, you'll easily find a pair you will fall in love with.

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