Baggage Packing Guide for Men
September 21, 2019

Baggage Packing Guide for Men | How to Pack Things Last Minute and Never Forget Anything?

Baggage Packing Guide for Men | How to Pack Things Last Minute and Never Forget Anything?

We know that for nothing in this world you are going to pack your suitcase a week or even a couple of days before your trip. And we also know that the formula that works best for you is to open your closet and stuff the first thing you find.  

If you want to continue with this habit and nothing happens then you have miraculously mastered this discipline, but if you found yourself more than once to arrive at your destination and realize that you left the toothbrush, running shoes or pajamas. Well, then it is time to pay more attention to the packaging. 

For all those guys who prepare luggage at the last minute and always tend to forget something. Take a look at this guide and hopefully, nothing will ever be left behind when it's needed the most.

Select the Right Suitcase and the Necessities First

Baggage Packing Guide for Men | How to Pack Things Last Minute and Never Forget Anything?

Everything starts with the suitcase itself. It has to be large enough but not gigantic as it has the purpose to hold just the things that you need to bring and not be an additional burden. Electronics, such as laptops and tablets need to have a separate bag and Samsonite business laptop bags for men can be an ideal option.

Needless to say, if you are going on summer vacation the beach clothing is the priority. Bring a swimsuit, but it is key that you have more than one on hand. Walking all day in wet shorts is the most uncomfortable thing there is and a quick change can save you a lot of nerves. 

Also, sleeping in safe boxers is the most comfortable option for one night, but it may not be for the rest of the days and possible occasions. Always pack extra pajamas or at least one sleeping shorts.

Now, for all the activity outside the pool and the beach. Pack two shorts, three T-shirts and flip-flops that will help you not to burn your feet outside the pool or when you have to quickly reach downtown. 

But if your vacation is at a place like where you can meet certain cultural limitations, wear all these plus pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Even if you think you are going to die of heat, many places will not let you go into sleeveless and Bermuda sleeves.

And when its time to go to the beach, carry a backpack or a small suitcase where you can carry your things and not put them in the luggage of friends. Planning a bachelor party? Of course that the most obvious part of your wardrobe will be packed but there are other basic things that, although they are optional, are the last thing you think about when you pack. Sunglasses, a cap and a book or magazine for when you are dispatched can all make you feel instantly better. 

Also, do not forget the mosquito repellent if you do not want people to think you have chickenpox if you are hitting some hiking sites. It won't hurt that you carry a medicine kit eighter or at least something for the pharmacy. And please, do not be the guy who is using shampoo or toothpaste from others, take your grooming kit that will not take away so much space.

What to Take on a Business Trip

Baggage Packing Guide for Men | How to Pack Things Last Minute and Never Forget Anything?

Here the most important thing is the suitcase with which you are traveling. As usual, if it is a short trip (about three days) carry hand luggage. Hopefully a simple and formal suitcase, like a black one with wheels and not the bag that you use to go to the gym.

Wear a black suit (which combines perfectly with everything), two pants of a neutral color (blue or gray always work very well), white shirts or the one that comes out from the colors that you wear, some shoes that fit the suit and others more casual but formal pieces (like moccasins) and, of course, socks, pajamas and boxers.

If you think you will have some free time during your trip (which is not the most common, but it can happen) wear a slightly more casual look like jeans, a T-shirt and tennis shoes.

After packing all the necessary work-related clothes, put your computer and the documents in a laptop bag like the one that we previously mentioned.

Expect to work in and outside the meeting room, like on the plane, at the café, and in the hotel. Best to buy a travel-friendly adapter so you can do many things at once, like accessing your flash drive, charging your phone, and connecting to an external monitor for your presentation. The nifty device won’t take much luggage space; don’t worry. 

What to Take on a Trip of More Than a Week

Baggage Packing Guide for Men | How to Pack Things Last Minute and Never Forget Anything?

Usually, a trip that lasts more than seven days is because you are eighter; fully observing the city, having a ten-day summer holiday, or even traveling through several countries. Before you get excited and start packing like your trip lasts a month, make an account for all the things that you need for a period of one week and pack only those things. Why? Because the main thing is that you travel light and never carry more than you need. 

Once you have consolidated all the things that you need for seven days of the trip, add a little more extra that you simply can not leave at home. A trick that can work very well is that you select clothes that are more or less the same color, so everything combines with everything and you do not have to wear specific prints. 

Some general recommendations can be that you pack four T-shirts, two shirts, two pairs of pants, pajamas, and a light jacket. As for socks and boxers, count the number of days that you plan to spend on holiday and always add two on top just to be sure. 

Shoes are very important too. if you are going to walk too much, good tennis shoes won't be enough because at some point your feet will start to suffer. Chose others that are also comfortable, but at least twice lighter and easier to wear.

In Conclusion:

Baggage Packing Guide for Men | How to Pack Things Last Minute and Never Forget Anything?

Again pack your kit with everything (shampoo, blocker, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant) and add a nail clipper because in all that travel time you will surely grow your nails. If you are also going to be so touristy, take something (a USB, an SD card or even your computer) to pass the photos. Please do not forget to bring all the chargers you need and a power adapter if necessary.

Baggage Packing Guide for Men