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June 28, 2017

How To Wear All Over Print Shirt Like Street Style Stars (Photos)

Honestly, I am not a huge a fan of wearing all over print shirts. Maybe because I am too shy to wear something like this. But that doesn't mean nobody should wear one. 

And who say's all over print shirts are only for your beach vacations. You can very well wear them anywhere you want. Print shirts are a good addition to your summer wardrobe

If you know how to wear it right, you can look stylish in this summer piece. Arguably there are no hard rules to wearing printed shirt. However, I think you need to take care of a few things when you wear it. 

1. Don't wear it with a printed pants or shorts (You don't want to look like a clown, right?) 

2. A shirt should not fit too tight. (We're not in 70's) 

3. Half sleeves are always better than full sleeves. (However, it's not a hard rule)

4.  Avoid very bright colours. (like purple, magenta, bright blue etc) 

5. Avoid grunge prints. 

6. Small polka dot print is the best print you can wear. 

If you take care of these basic things, you are good to go. 

Now to help you level up your print shirt game, I have curated some amazing photos of some of the most stylish guys on Instagram

Scroll below to find how to wear all over prints like a street style star. 

all over print shirt

capsule wardrobe guide

1. Wear it with white denim shorts

printed shirt outfits for men  @kosta_williams

2. With your ripped jeans 

printed shirt outfits for men @sandro

 3. With white denim jeans 

printed shirt outfits for men capsule wardrobe guide

4. With white linen shorts 

printed shirt outfits for men @kosta_williams

5. With washed ripped jeans 

printed shirt outfits for men



6. With black jeans 

printed shirt men

 capsule wardrobe guide

 print shirt outfit ideas for men