A Simple Guide To Men’s Suits
December 23, 2021

A Simple Guide To Men’s Suits

If you are still wearing boxy and frumpy suits, you are doing it wrong. Yes, it might have been fashionable a couple of years back but the suit ensemble has moved on to straighter lines, slimmer cuts, and lighter fabric.

Here is a simple guide to men's suits that will help you keep abreast with these developments.

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Cut your coat to your size

Stylists and designers agree that a suit that fits perfectly connotes ease, authority, and confidence.

Here is a simple test to know if your suit fits you – your jacket should be big enough such that your shoulders do not look crowded and yet smooth on the stomach when buttoned. You might also consider a men's stretch suit that maybe will fit you with a more relaxed feel.

The pants should drape in order to create a clear line from the top all the way to the bottom. Before buying a suit, it is a good idea to have a tailor take your measurements just to be sure you are buying a suit that fits perfectly.


The purpose of the suit should inform the choice of fabric. Since business suits are worn regularly, wool blends, like polyester and wool blends, would be an ideal choice because they are more durable.

100% wool would be good for the occasional wear because the finer yarns look more luxurious but they shouldn’t be worn too often. If you're looking for a place where you can buy suits made from different types of high-quality fabrics, you can shop men's suits here

Disposing fullness

Buttons are the de facto method of disposing of fullness in men’s suits. The only variation is how many buttons your suit will have.

The two button design is probably the most common because it easily flatters most body shapes.

One button suits are a great fit for the skinny fit designs. If you are interested in a more classic look and feel, then you should adorn yourself with a three button suit.

The double-breasted designs had taken a fashion lull but it seems the trend is resurrecting fast. This is now the best suit design for those that want to make a bold fashion statement.


When deciding on the colour of the suit to buy, keep in mind the purpose of the suit. If you are buying a business suit, only go for dark colours preferably charcoal grey, navy blue or black.

If the suit is for a non-business related function, feel free to experiment with the bolder colours.

A rookie mistake most men make is assuming that a colour will be good on them just because they saw someone else looking smashing in it.

Ask your tailor, designer or salesperson for their opinion on the colour you want to pick before purchasing.


Most suits come with a full lining in the jacket and half a lining in the pants. Nonetheless, a buggy or half-lined suit will also give you a more relaxed feeling.

The buggy lining also helps the garment to breathe better and this makes it an ideal choice for a suit you will be wearing on hot summer days.

The above guide to men's suits points are the top five factors to consider when purchasing a suit.

Of course, there are other things to consider like the price of the suit, the fabric patterns, the suit weight etc. However; the points shared above should be the bare minimum.

A Simple Guide To Men’s Suits #mens #suits #mens #style #fashiontips