A Simple Guide for the Gentleman Who Wants to Travel in Style
January 29, 2019

A Simple Guide for the Gentleman Who Wants to Travel in Style

Tacel in style

Most people will agree that the 50s and 60s were truly the golden age of travel. It was a time when people would actually dress up for the opportunity to fly.

However, air-travel nowadays has lost its glamour and charm as people no longer see the need for dressing up to impress, especially when flying to warmer climates.

It is quite common to find a multitude of travellers at airport check-in lounges dressed up in t-shirts, jeans, and a backpack, the typical tourist look.

But as a gentleman, you’d want to make an effort to stand out and exude a sense of style during your air travels. This article offers you some practical, easy tips to help you maintain that classy gentleman style.

Travel Documentation and Authorization

If you are travelling to a foreign country, part of maintaining a gentleman’s style is ensuring that you have all the necessary authorizations and documents.

If you are flying to the US, this will include applying for the famed Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). This is due to the fact that the time it takes to process for an ESTA is significantly less than that of a traditional visa.

This means that you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for visa approval before taking your trip. How long does an esta last? Good question. Your Esta authorization  is valid for several trips during a period of two years

The Luggage

The luggage you’re going to pack will most certainly depend on the length of your stay. If you are going to spend more than a week, you will definitely need to pack a suitcase, even though it is advisable to pack as lightly as possible and keep things as compact as you can.

As suitcases can be quite cumbersome, the most convenient kind of suitcase is the wheeled case, particularly the four-wheeled version that can stand upright and be pushed alongside as you walk.

With their classical charm, the hard-bodied suitcase is a stylish choice, and whatever they lack in practicality, mainly weight, they certainly make up for in style.

But for the definitive no-fuss flight, it is advisable to invest in a high-quality holdall. Big enough for all your essentials yet compact enough to fit in the overhead cabin, a good quality holdall is perhaps the most stylish way to travel from point A to B.

Another option for men who are always on the go are sleek, lightweight backpacks for travel and everyday use. Some men prefer to travel light and avoid checking luggage. A carry-on-sized travel backpack is a viable option for those who desire flexibility and convenience. Go for backpacks that are made specifically for travel with special features, such as ergonomic and efficient design, foam padding, multiple compartments, and durable, waterproof material.

What You Should Wear

Once you have mastered some time-saving strategies, and your luggage is in order, the trick to travelling in style is dressed up properly and comfortably.

While travelling in a full worsted wool suit is quite commendable when on a business trip, high quality tailored trouser and light blazer combination will be sufficient for most people.

The blazer, preferably unstructured and made from soft cotton for comfort and breathability, is ideal for organizing your essentials (passport and phone), and it makes you look sharp and prepared for any eventuality.

And don’t forget to wear some stylish shoes, preferably loafers as their slip-on style makes them a breeze when passing through customs. They are also comfortable, versatile, and perfect for pairing with almost any outfit.

In a nutshell, travelling in style can be a breeze if you know what is comfortable for you during a flight and on your stay abroad, and what is required by customs officials.

To reduce the time it takes to get authorization and documentation to travel to the US, consider getting an ESTA authorization.

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