A Gentleman's Guide To Choosing Right Jacket
March 06, 2019

A Gentleman's Guide To Choosing Right Jacket For Body

A Gentleman's Guide To Choosing Right Jacket For Body

“Dressing well is a form of good manners.”  Tom Ford

No matter how cool denim, baggy pants or other contemporary clothing get, a man looks complete only when he wears a well-tailored suit!

There is a class about dressing like that and nothing can beat it but in order to look ravishing, a suit must be well fitted, tailored to perfection. While a well-tailored suit looks gorgeous, an ill-fitting, shoulder-slouching suit makes one look callous and weird.

While you may go to the best tailor to get your dream suit done, there are a few things that you must know about your body type and the fit of a right jacket suit.

Thus before you get your next suit jacket tailored, you must have a good idea about your body type. Most people, who are well aware of their frame can drastically enhance their look by getting the perfect suit jacket tailored.

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Well tailored suit jackets help in developing confidence and adding an instant x-factor.

Types of Jacket Suits:

Generally, top mens jackets come in multiple sizes based on a single or a double breast, the number of buttons and vents.

The classic versions of single breasted jacket suits are constructed either with one or three buttons. Ideally, thee jackets have a one center vent or two side vents.

A classic double-breasted suit jacket have up to 2 to 6 buttons and must ideally be worn with a  minimum of two side vents. Suit jacket pockets can be tailored either with flaps or without flaps.

While it is good to remain at par with what's in vogue, the same may not apply for classic jacket suits. For instance, a single-breasted jacket with more than 3 buttons and a double-breasted jacket with more than 6 buttons are rendered fashionable these days. But must be avoided by men who wish to look classy.

But why are these number of buttons, vents, pockets so important for a well-tailored suit jacket? It is because they directly influence the fit of the jacket. Thus it becomes crucial to choose the right mix of all these elements, otherwise, the shape and fit of the jacket can go absolutely wrong.

Suit Jackets For Tall men:

If you are tall, a single-breasted suit jacket with three buttons can best serve your look and can help in bringing down your height to some extent. The jacket sleeves can be long to create an illusion of shorter arms, thereby bringing the eyes of the viewer directly to the face.

Suit Jackets For Thin Men:

For thinner men, a side vented jacket serves the best as it creates a fuller silhouette. It’s advisable to keep the hem of the jacket longer to minimize the length of the legs. Ideal it must be worn with wider lapels on either single or double-breasted jackets to make the shoulders and chest prominent.

Suit Jackets For Short Men:

For short men, the suit jackets should be such that maximize their height.  Shorter men should go for suit jackets with side vents.  This creates an ideal illusion and makes one’s eyes travel up a man’s frame.

Ideally shorter men should go for single-breasted jackets with slim and high lapels. If opting for a double-breasted jacket, one with 2 to 4 buttons and side vents must be selected.  The lapels must be kept thin and high

Peak lapels are good for men with short height. This can be made a standard for double-breasted jackets.

It is advisable to avoid three buttons, ventless jackets since they give an illusion of a shorter torso. Jetted flapless pockets, give short men a clean and fuller illusion and also adds to the height. Additionally, look for jackets in short size.

Suit Jackets For Healthy Men:

Round men have more girth and thus need a jacket suit to minimize their weight. In addition, to that, the selected suit must also enhance their vertical features. One or two button jackets can be worn. However, ideally, it must be kept unbuttoned while sitting.

One or two button jackets create an illusion of a longer torso and thus attracts the views eyes accordingly. Since round men require more room to sit, double vent suit jackets can be worn for this purpose.

The lapels must be kept thin and high to make one look longer.

Wear the right jacket suit to enhance your look.

A Gentleman's Guide To Choosing Right Jacket