April 22, 2016

Men’s Fashion Trends You Need to Know This Summer

mens fashion trends for the summers

From the runway to the streets, men’s fashion is going through quite the change this year. Think fifties shirts that harken back to Cuba’s heyday, bomber jackets that take casual to coiffed in seconds, and accessories that every guy should have in his arsenal. If you want to stay on trend, incorporate these snazzy pieces and accessories into your wardrobe this summer and have all eyes on you, whether you’re in the office or meeting up with your latest Tinder date.

The Rise of the Cuban

Vintage is in, and this summer, you’ll see Cuba on the rise. No we’re not talking about the fact that you can now head to the country for a visit, although that’s pretty cool. Instead of that same old polo, try a dapper, daring look with Cuban-collared shirts. These add a bit of flair you won’t find elsewhere in your closet, and are an easy way to dress up a casual look for any after work happy hour. Throw on some aviator glass or Wayfarers to really harken back to the 50s Cuba vibe you’re after, and if you’re out and about, don’t forget the stogie—it’ll really complete the look.

Grab Some Grey

Yes, we know grey has been in for a while now, but if the runways were any indication, it’s still on the rise this summer. Instead of just rocking that grey sports jacket to this week’s meeting, consider monochromatic combinations of grey hues throughout your entire outfit. From chinos to ties to basic t-shirts, grey has this uncanny ability to make every outfit look effortlessly refined.

The Bomber

Want to look put together in one step? Grab a sleek bomber jacket. There’s a reason this style of outerwear has been able to hang on for over half a century. Easily dressed up or down, bomber jackets have escaped the realm of leather and now come in a variety of colors and fabrics. We’re a bit partial to this olive green option from Asos, but you can find bomber jackets in all types of stores. If you’re feeling rather festive, don’t be afraid to try out the silk bomber jackets—runways saw the models rocking pink satin versions, so anything is fair game this year.

A State of Distress

Remember how Mom would be livid if you ripped or scuffed up your pants? She obviously wasn’t in on the trend, because distressed denim is all the rage for both guys and gals this summer. The more distressed, the better—bleaching, patching, ripping are all up for grabs. You can even do it yourself if you don’t feel like spending extra money on something that’s already ripped up. Another trend that’s picking up steam in guy’s denim? White. If you’ve never had a pair of white jeans before, this might be the year to try it out. Easy to pair with a variety of colors and styles of shirts, white jeans are great for warm weather and will put you on the forefront of men’s fashion trends.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Accessories make the man. Going out with the right garments is just step one; to really pull off polished, you need to grab the accessories that will accentuate your fashion choices. From your head to your toes, everything you decide to wear sends a message to onlookers, so consider what message you’d like to convey, and the one you’re expressing currently. Every dapper dude needs a signature watch. If you don’t have one or you’re looking to upgrade from that digital thing you’ve had since freshman year of college, try out a refined wrist watch from Ashford. Make an impression this summer with a suede baseball cap your buddies have likely never seen before. Even your phone case sends a message; if yours is old and tarnished, grab a sleek new version from www.touchofmodern.com.

Stay on trend this summer by incorporating these stylish, suave pieces into your closet accouterments and knock the socks off of anyone you encounter.