9 Wardrobe Essentials from Men's Winter Style Guide
December 16, 2017

9 Wardrobe Essentials from Men's Winter Style Guide:

Guys! I know, just like girls out there, you also get jitter when hear about the party invites.

And, you keep digging into your wardrobe to find the best piece. But trust me, you simply cannot wear the same t-shirt to each and every party.

Get a fashion break! You need to upgrade your winter wardrobe with some fresh breeze of winter staples.

And just to make it simple for you, we have gathered some serious winter fashion looks for men's winter style guide.

9 Wardrobe Essentials from Men's Winter Style Guide

Men's Winter Style Guide To Keep Your Wardrobe All Set For The Party! 

Winter Boots

Boots and winters seem like best friends. Winter boots look good and can add an extra touch to the whole outfit.

You can wear them with dark washed jeans and a basic tee accessorised with cool neck chain.

Winter boots seem to be the one going with most of the looks except the dress suits.

Pleated Trousers

Trousers give you a formal look and they are good to go for any business or family party.

This season, go for the pleated ones as they look good and tag along a fresh vibe.

Granddad Collar Flannel Shirt

It is all about the collar and the fabric. The warmth of the fabric and nostalgic collar will definitely keep the fashion game up this winter season.

From formal meetings to styling it with a casual trouser, the shirt is an all rounder for your winter wardrobe.

Jersey Tailored Jacket

Jersey seems like a fabric made for winters only. It also looks chic and you can pair them as per the different styles and colors you are opting for.

You can even wear a fit sweater beneath it along with a shirt under the sweater to give it a proper winter look. if not, wear it with a basic tee to give a fall/winter style.

Fur Coats

Fur can never be out of fashion. Be it men or women, fur knows how to keep the things hot in the cold weather.

Leather Pants

Leather pants are one of the famous winter staples which don’t agree to vanish any soon. You can replace your jeans with leather pants to stay party ready.

Lightweight Trench Coat

Trench coats are love, especially when they are lightweight. They are warm and also add style quotient to the whole look.

It can be worn with a jeans and tee, or even over the formals in winter. Try to opt for the lightweight ones as they are more flawy and easy to carry.

Checked Jackets

Check is the style of the season. You can find check jackets and move over the check shirts.

Have a look at this checked jacket by Zara and you’ll know why we recommend this. Pair the piece with a trouser along with a shirt to give it a semi-formal look.

Suede Loafers

You cannot wear boots everywhere, so the other good winter friendly fashion suggestion would be suede loafers. Wear to any place where you want the casual vibes to flow in.

So, these were some of the winter staples for men that they must have in their closets. So, do not let the winter be spent in plain and old winter shades. Be the talk of the town this season.