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9 Ultra Cool Glasses for Men (For Every Face Shape and Personal Style)

Ready to rock your prescription and outfit? Here are 9 super cool glasses for men and bonus tips on which to choose to flatter your face shape and style.

9 Ultra Cool Glasses for Men (For Every Face Shape and Personal Style)

To see is not the same than to look, are you ready to choose your prescription glasses? This is what you will benefit from thinking about when you do: face shape, face shape, face shape.

When we talk about style, we are really talking about freedom. Style means you own your own look, a good style shows your authenticity, and by all means when it comes to style, glasses or no glasses, the best advice will always be to not look at yourself through the eyes of others.

Nonetheless, why not benefit from the wonderful work that designers in the industry of glasses have dedicated and studied to perfection to make a pair of cool glasses for men around the world.

Finding Cool Glasses for Men

Regardless of your ethnicity, sex, skin color, or face shape you want to choose a pair of glasses that make you feel good. So when you are choosing a pair of glasses wear them, strike the pose, try reading and seeing from afar, change the lights, go outdoors, turn around, ask your partner, change pairs one more time, do it all, until you feel good.

We are talking about your self-esteem and the message you will give others when relating, your pair of glasses become your personal power as they not only help you see better, they help others feel good when they look at you.

Choose wisely, do not let the salesperson pressure you for this or for that, and avoid taking their word when making the final decision.

Though they have your best interest in mind when helping you choose, they do not know you, usually, the person by the counter just met you, and their choice, though well-intended, might not take into consideration your daily life.

Your daily activities, who you are on a daily basis, what you do, where you go, what you do for work, how often you will wear your glasses, your wardrobe, the colors you like to wear...it all plays a part.

Most importantly, the message you want to give when people look at your style is to make their own judgments about who you are. It all counts, believe that. So, when choosing your pair of glasses, be the man, and honor how you feel.

After all, you will want to feel good when you wear them. If by the end of this article you're still not sold on the right pair then it might be time to start looking into the cost of lasik

1. Proper Fitting

A good fitting pair of glasses are as wide as the broader part of the face. A round pair of glasses can give you the look you are looking for.

For an oval kind of face, narrow glasses with accentuated corners can emphasis the cheekbones and give the jaw a slimmer and more angular look.

Play with the light, perhaps a pair of Escada? Or a cool rounder Oakley?

2. The Super Light Weight

A cool pair Tommy Hilfigers with sharp angular lines might be perfect for the Oblong face with extreme length and heavy features.

Go for the super lightweight, scratch-resistant, and durable technology.

3. Curved and Strong

For a prominent jaw, you want to avoid anything that makes your face look boxier. You will benefit from playing with a geometry that plays your facial contour and can even make you look better in the bedroom.

Perhaps a curved rimless bottom softens the face, and a strong upper presentation can distract the attention from the lower part of the face.

Maybe a pair of tortoiseshell? Or a cool Oliver Peoples? Great for Square faces, with large and well define jaws, sometimes longer than wide.

4. The Cool Pair 

Persol might be what you are looking for. A very cool and casual look with an elegance that can be taken everywhere.

Classy and soft on your cheekbones. Excellent for a pentagon face, with sharp cheekbones, and a cat-like form.

5. Round and Retro

Nothing that makes you look rounder unless you like what you see, remember that.

Perhaps a sweet retro trendy pair of Hugo Boss? Try them in a round, wide face, with softer features. 

6. Back to the Future

Why not go for a futurist look that draws all the attention to the eyes. Oakley might be what does the trick.

A good pair perhaps for a rectangle shape characterized for its slimmer forehead, wider jaw, and chin.

7. Feel Good Glasses

Find something that makes you feel good, Gucci perhaps? Look for something similar in fashion, if the original is out of your pocket range.

They are a fashionable favorite, so surely you will find a pair to match the diamond, narrow pointed chin, and high cheekbones, that goes well with your narrow hairline.

It is all about balance.

8. Rimless Glasses

It is all about contrast, the eye, always in the center. These shapes can be a good fit for a hearty broader forehead and a slim point chin, lighter and wider at the bottom.

Nothing that accentuates your chin. A cool pair of Michael Kors, maybe? Spiga might do the job this time.

9. Retro and Chic 

Help a peary jawline wider than your hairline and give a presence to your inward chin.

What do you think about Dolce & Gabbana?

All Things Style

Mirror, mirror on the wall, You guessed it! To find your favorite cool glasses for men, all you have to do is look in the mirror and observe, clear your face from your hair and jewelry and take a loving look. It is all about geometry and contrast!

If you're still looking for style inspiration, check out our blog for everything from smart suits to stylish accessories. Remember, you’re the man.

9 Ultra Cool Glasses for Men (For Every Face Shape and Personal Style)

fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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