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9 Top Streetwear Tips for 2021

Want to dress to impress this year – then check out these streetwear tips for 2021

#1 - Grey Hoodie with Navy Cargo Pants

Let's begin with a more classic streetwear look. This happens to be a timeless look. Pairing cool new sweatshirts with cargo pants featuring a navy color way. Slapping on a white work shirt underneath can bring the fit to a new level. With this outfit, you could either put on leather boots and make it more of an upscale look, or keep things casual with your favorite white sneakers.

#2 - Neon Jacket and Mom Jeans

If you want to stand out, there is no better way to do so than by rocking a neon hoodie or jacket. Of course, you want to layer it. You can layer it with either a matching turtleneck or even a bodysuit. You can put high-waist mom jeans to make it a unique look. We have our range of neon hoodies you can use for those in both vibrant orange and yellow. You absolutely cannot forget the bum bag if you are going for this look.

#3 - Denim Jacket with black Joggers and a Dad Hat

All of these items can pair together successfully. Get yourself an oversized denim jacket as it can prove to be the perfect pairing with night-black joggers or leggings. If it's cold outside, you can always put on an extra layer with a black hoodie to make it warmer. To complete the look, pair the outfit with your best clean grey sneakers and a dad hat.

#4 - Oversized Camo with White Shirt and Black Leggings

If you check above, you will see that Zendaya is flaunting one of the best street outfits you will find. The key is keeping things simple with clean lines and colors. She's rocking a plain white tee-shirt with black leggings and crispy black cross trainer sneakers. From there, she completes the look by topping it off with a camo pattern jacket that is oversized. Yes, you can use our perfect camo coat to complete this look.

#5 - White Hoodie with Ripped Jeans and White Trainers

If you are looking to rock a streetwear look that looks effortless, this should be your go-to option. This is a clean and minimal look that will look good on anyone. You will be wearing a white hoodie and tee-shirt that should be spotless. You also want to ensure your sneakers are just as clean as it could throw off your look. You also want to keep the denim you are wearing to a lighter color. You can always add accessories like a black hat or even a large wristwatch to complete it.

#6 - White T-Shirt and Distressed Denim

If you find it's too hot outside to rock a white hoodie, you could always substitute it for a plain white tee-shirt. As with the outfit mentioned above, you want to keep your jeans a lighter hue. You can always pair this look with a tote bag and don't forget crispy white trainers .

#7 - Denim and Denim

This is a classic that you cannot miss with. There are several ways you can pull this look off. One, you want your denim to match each other perfectly. Having denim that looks alike but not enough can throw it off. The other option would be to have your denim pieces completely mismatch. For this, you want it to look like you were going for the mismatched style. Pairing dark blue jeans with a lighter denim jacket is the type of look you should be going for with this option.

#8 - Bomber Jacket (Olive) and a Black Hoodie

This would be a good option for those looking for a hoodie underneath their jacket, but with more sophistication. You can change the denim colored jacket with one that is olive for a much more luxurious and premium aesthetic. You can always pair black with olive-colored to make it even more stylish. If you want to use more vibrant colors to pair with your neutral colors, you could opt for neon-colored sneakers.

#9 - T-Shirt Long Enough To Be a Dress

You could always get a shirt that is large enough to act as a dress. If you want to get more shape out of this, you could always throw on a belt around your waist. It could look good either way. If you aren't comfortable rocking a t-shirt as a dress, you could always throw on shorts underneath or even using leggings or yoga pants to complete the look.

It's true, guys can rock this same look. All you have to do is look at some of the male celebrities who feature a gender-fluid style. You can find a lot of the most popular male fashion celebrities using this type of look including Jared Leto and Jaden Smith.

The fact is, streetwear is certainly here to stay. It's highly accessible and it allows you to use a range of different proportions, colors, and styles that can look great on anyone.

9 Top Streetwear Tips for 2021

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