9 Shoe Hacks That Are a Blessing for Your Feet
February 28, 2020

9 Shoe Hacks That Are a Blessing for Your Feet

9 Shoe Hacks That Are a Blessing for Your Feet

Shoes are one of the things that you use the most, so it’s absolutely essential that they’re comfortable. Read on to discover the best shoe hacks here.

Shoes are an essential part of any wardrobe as they add to your sense of style. Yet, over 25% of the shoes in our closets cause discomfort for our feet. This ranges from aching soles to painful blisters.

There are a few helpful ways to enhance the comfort and style of your shoes. Many of these techniques even use common household items.

So, read on for 9 key shoe hacks that will change your life.

1. Use Inserts to Cushion Your Feet

Gel inserts can create more cushion and comfort for your feet. This helps to reduce chaffing and blisters. These also support your arches and help with aching feet. And if you have any feet issues, consider wearing specialized inserts for added support such as insoles for plantar fasciitis for example.

Another common shoe hack is to place moleskin fabric in your shoes for added comfort. Cutting up an old yoga mat is another option for making your own inserts. Placing a bit of wool on the inside of your shoes can also create more warmth in the winter.

2. Tape Your Toes When Wearing Heels

Stilettos and pumps are known for causing some serious foot discomfort. Yet, these shoes are a style staple of many women's work wardrobe.

One trick is to tape your 3rd and 4th toes together using nude-colored medical tape. This helps to reduce pressure in the balls of your feet. The sole of your foot will also ache less.

3. Use Sandpaper for Slippery Soles

A sanding block or sandpaper can help fix shoes with slippery soles. Use the sandpaper to rough up the sole of the shoe.

This hack will give your shoe more grip while walking. This makes it less likely that you'll slip and fall when wearing a brand new pair of shoes.

4. Keep Your Whites Clean With Nail Polish Remover

Wearing white shoes can be tough as they are easy to stain. Nail polish remover products are secret smart sneaker hacks.

Use this product to help remove stains from your white sneakers. It's as easy as using a cotton ball to apply the product and dab at the stain until it disappears. This is an ideal hack when you don't have time to wash and dry your shoes.

Nail polish remover can even help to reduce scuffs from your leather dress shoes. A simple nail file also works to buff out stains on suede shoes.

5. Reduce Blisters With Deodorant or KY Jelly

Tight shoes are often a culprit of chaffing and painful blisters. Clear deodorant or KY Jelly can help to avoid blisters from forming.

Rubbing these products on your feet and the inside of your shoes creates less friction. This will help avoid your toes and heels from rubbing against the interior of your shoe. A bit of vaseline can also reduce the appearance of scuffs on patent leather shoes.

6. Use Hairspray to Make Your Shoes Stay on

Wondering how to keep shoes from slipping off your heel? Hairspray can help a pair of heels or shoes that can't seem to stay on your feet.

It's a great hack to use to avoid shoes from slipping and sliding. Spraying a bit of this product on your feet helps the heel to stay in place when you walk. Hairspray can also help with keeping sandals in place.

Spraying a bit of dry shampoo into your shoes offers another hack. This helps to reduce foot sweat and keeps your shoes better in place.

7. Shine Your Shoes With Windex

Windex isn't only for cleaning glass and mirrors. It can also help clean and shine your shoes.

Windex works well on patent leather shoe materials. Spray and wipe the product off to make your shoes look brand new in only seconds.

8. Stock up on Panty Liners and Tea Bags to Control Odors

Wearing panty liners inside your shoes works to absorb sweat from your feet. This is a smart hack to use during the summertime when temperatures are at their worst.

Another tip is to place unused tea bags inside your shoes at night. This absorbs odors and leaves your shoes smelling fresh the next day.

Soaking your feet in warm black tea can also keep blisters from getting infected. Black tea contains key antioxidants. It also boosts the immune system and lowers the risk of infection.

Baking soda is another at-home product that can help reduce foot odors in your shoes.

9. Use Heat to Help Stretch out Shoes

Looking for tips on how to stretch out patent leather shoes? A blow dryer can come in handy when you have a new pair of shoes that are too tight.

For this hack, put on a pair of thick socks beneath your shoes. Then use a blow dryer to apply heat to the shoes. This technique works to stretch out the shoe material so it fits your foot better.

You can also use freezing water to stretch your shoes out. Fill ziplock bags with water and put the bags inside of your shoes.

Then place the shoes in your freezer overnight. The freezing water with work to stretch your shoes out for a more comfortable fit.

Need more shoe hacks for getting tight shoes onto your feet? Metal shoe horns are another useful tool for making it easy to put on a pair of tighter-fitting shoes. This product helps to avoid any ankle discomfort when putting shoes on as well.

The Top Helpful Shoe Hacks to Live by

These shoe hacks will enhance comfort and convenience when it comes to your wardrobe. These tips help to reduce chaffing, blisters, and sore arches. You'll also be able to avoid slippery soles and shoe stains.

Looking for more key lifestyle tips to live by? Check out the fashion section of the blog for all the latest advice.

9 Shoe Hacks That Are a Blessing for Your Feet