9 Men's Underwear Trends To Keep Up With In 2022
August 01, 2022

9 Men's Underwear Trends To Keep Up With In 2022

Although it's an inner garment that no one will see, it feels fantastic to keep up with the latest underwear trends. Years back, men could do with a simple leather loincloth around their waist. But that has dynamically changed over the years.

Fast forward to 2022, men's underwear is an essential fashion asset, with equal importance to other outerwear. It's no longer a matter of ‘saving the jewels.’ Aside from comfort, breathability, and ease of washing, wearing classy underwear attracts praise from onlookers, even if it's your partner alone.

On that note, here are five men's underwear trends to keep up with in 2022:

Men's Underwear Trends

1. Boxer Briefs

Most men prefer boxer briefs to other underwear since the fabric extends to the upper thighs, preventing rubbing and chafing. A shorter length gives a snug around your legs and is ideal for wearing with your slim suit or skinny jeans. If you go for the longer ones, there's a high chance they'll bunch up under your trousers, making you look clumsy.

Besides, you can take part in developing the right underwear that fits perfectly. Thus, as you go for men's wear shopping, consider TBô The First Community-led Menswear brand that gives you exactly what you want. After all, he who wears knows where it pinches. Your input could be the missing factor in getting you the ideal underwear. 

2. Boxers

Nothing beats these old classics when it comes to comfort. From the traditional designs with elasticated waists, the trendy ones come with a stretch band that accommodates all cores. These are the best if your thighs rub together when walking.

In addition to that, they offer the most excellent breathability. They're baggy, assuring you that you can worry less about breathing. You can also lounge or sleep in them. For that reason, you shouldn't wear them in tight trousers. 

3. Trunks

A shorter version of the boxer briefs ensures you get more breathing and fabric for your junk. The trunk's main aim is to slip right under your clothes. This assures you they don't reveal since they're a tight fit. Their leg length is ideal for all sorts of pants, from jeans, chinos, shorts, or slim trousers. For more information, you can check out

They're the best to show your abs in. This is because their design has a lower waistband. They also cut off at the widest point of your legs, leaving an illusion of meaty legs.

Men's Underwear Trends

4. Sports Underwear

If you're hitting the gym, your underwear shouldn't hold you back. You should go for that deep squat or the high jump without worries. Sports underwear allows you to do much more. They shouldn't be part of the strain that comes with exercising.

Sports underwear allows you to move freely and with your body instead of against it. For this reason, seamless menswear works best for sporting activities. This way, you can breathe, sweat comfortably, and build the muscles as you please.

5. Briefs

The briefs are your best companion if you like your underwear sexy or for support. Their cropped style allows you to show as much leg skin as you desire. However, you should ensure you’re meatier on your upper leg to look the part. Also, briefs allow you to carry on with your daily escapades in comfort and style.

6. Jockstrap

Gone are the days when men's underwear was only baggy boxers. Men are now venturing into the women-dominated thong arena. The jockstrap underwear gives you a sexy appearance without compromising comfort and support.

7. Mesh Underwear

Mesh underwear is the best lightweight innerwear for men. Their material makes it unique and your go-to for summer days. Also, they make the best sportswear for breathability if you're into sports.

8. Bold Prints

Injecting fun into life is essential, given the current stress levels worldwide. That's why men and their partners are now opting for colorful undies with bold prints instead of the usual neutral ones. It's also an excellent way of enhancing your assets, especially those designs that creatively use color to redefine the shape of your crotch.

9. Pouch Support Technology

In 2022, there's a shift to manufacturing innerwear to offer more support to the jewels. As such, you'll come across undies with features like anti-chafing, mixture-wicking, and all-rounded adjustability.


Every man has a different opinion considering the kind of underwear to don. However, the cut line is comfort, breathability, and support. With such exciting trends in men's underwear, you have no reason not to adopt one. Fitting underwear will give you comfort and confidence to carry your daily routine effortlessly.

Men's Underwear Trends