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9 Fresh Summer Pieces For Guys

Summer is usually very eagerly waited for by many guys. Having the right wardrobe for the heat is important. Aside from the clothes, keep accessories like stylish watches, belts, bags, caps, shoes and sunglasses. Here are 10 fresh pieces for the summer wardrobe for men.  

1. The tropical print tank top 

This may sound like a cliché, and you’re probably thinking it is obvious. However, with so much fashion to consider, it is easy to get caught up in it all and forget even the most basic clothing item. The best part about having this tank top is that it is so easy to wear and it goes with everything.  Shop Tropical Tank Top

tropical tank top men

2. A pair of navy blue chino pants

Navy blue chino pants are a must have in the summer wardrobe for men. So much focus is often put on shorts that pants can be left out. And then after some time, the shorts become boring because everyone is wearing them. Navy blue chinos can be worn in so many different sets of outfits. Shop Navy Chinos

navy chinos men

3. A striped bright coloured t-shirt

Nothing says summer like a striped bright coloured t-shirt. Make sure to get a fitting short sleeved t-shirt. You can tell it fits if it goes three-quarters down your bicep and halfway down your zipper. Play with patterns and even get a design like the Breton top or a Henley. Shop Striped T-shirt 

striped t-shirt men

4. Beige shorts 

Shorts are the most basic and crucial items of clothing. They absolutely must exist in your wardrobe. At this day and age, nobody should own cargo shorts so those are a no go.

Instead, get fitting beige shorts, 2 inches above your knee cap. There are so many designs to choose from, all suitable for the summer. The best designs are the flat front and tailored shorts. Beige means that you can pull it off with anything. Shop Beige Shorts Now

beige shorts for men

5. The polo shirt in dark colours like green or maroon

Also known as golf or tennis shirts. But, the polo shirt has made it into mainstream fashion, so you can find one that is not made for playing and fits you well. Getting bright colours will make it seem like you are going for a game. Dark colours are more stylish with polo shirts. Shop Polo Shirt 

polo shirts men  

6. Black light weight trousers

Like I said, having to wear the same items every day can become monotonous and boring. You should get some light weight or flannel trousers to switch up your style once in a while. Black ones will definitely come in handy if you ever need to do something official. Shop Black Trouser 

black trouser men

7. A floral button down shirt

Button down shirts can be a lot of fun. Floral patterns stand out in the best way. They automatically bring out the summer feel good vibe. Get one that fits and preferably short sleeved. Shop Floral Shirt 

floral print tshirt

8. Black or blue denim  

Whether it is a denim coat, short or trouser, denim should not be left out from a summer wardrobe for men. They are so stylish for one, and they can be worn whatever the season. A denim clothing item will never go out of style. With a denim jacket, you can be able to pull off and spice up any outfit. Shop Denim Shirt

denim shirt men

9. A plain white linen shirt

Linen is just right for the summer. It does not absorb heat so you do not have to worry. Having a linen shirt in your wardrobe is good especially when you need to go for something formal. Shop White Linen Shirt 

white linen shirt men


Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments. 

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