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Gents, Wear Shorts but not before you read this.

 Men's guide to shorts

Gents, Wear Shorts but not before you read this. Man's shorts guide you must look at before you expose your calves. It could be disastrous if you don't know how to wear shorts. This simple guide shall help you know all the basics you need to know to look great with your knees exposed. Hope you'll enjoy this and yes, don't forget to share this with your friends. 

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How to Wear

In terms of how to wear, shorts look best with other smart-casuals like, polos, fitted shirts, knitwear, slim-fit tees, jackets etc. You can choose from completely neutral shorts to statement shorts depending on your personal style and choice. 

Here's a simple visual guide to Men's Shorts to understand basics.

Visual guide to men's shorts 


Shorts + Tees

Man's shorts and t-shirts 



Shorts + Suits 

Mans shorts and suit 

CK Shorts at elitify  j crew short at elitify  




Materials for Shorts

Cotton Shorts - It’s lightweight and breathable and is by far the easiest to wash and dry without special care. However, tight weaves of cotton hold hot air close to the body, and sweat or water evaporates from it very slowly.

Linen Shorts - Linen trousers are more common than linen shorts, but if you can find a pair they’re very lightweight and comfortable. Linen tends to wrinkle more than cotton, but the distinctive creases are part of the style, like the bumps in seersucker. Don’t bother trying to smooth them out.

Wool Short - Tropical-weight wools are used for summer trousers because of wool’s smooth drape, but that property is largely wasted in shorts. There’s not a real reason to buy wool shorts, even ones made from very nice, lightweight wool.

Synthetics - Athletic shorts are usually made of synthetics like nylon or spandex. For the most part this is beneficial — the loose weave of basketball shorts keeps the artificial fibers from holding in heat and sweat, while newer synthetics can actually wick moisture away from the skin and let air flow even better than a cotton weave.

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