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From Seed to Tee - How is your T-shirt made? - Infographic

Although tees are made of different fabric materials, cotton is predominantly the most and best-used fabric around the world. Cotton is easy to dye and has a good colour retention.
In addition, it also blends well with other fibres such as elastane. Cotton processing has been perfected over many generations and the result is the quality that we enjoy today.

10 Steps. From Seed To Tee

1. Farming - Growing cotton is not an easy process, as cotton requires a long growing season. sunny and warm weather, plenty of water and dry weather for harvest. 

2. Ginning - The principal function of the cotton gin is to separate lint from seed. Here's a process

3. Spinning - Spinning involves a series of machines that turn the compacted ginned cotton into yarn. Here's a process 

4. Knitting - During the knit process spun yarn is turned into cloth by pulling loops, called stitches through one another.  Here's a process

5. Finishing - After the cloth is knit it must be finished in order to wash out any particular matter. 

6. Cutting - The cutting process involves cutting the bodies and sleeves out of the tube of fabric received from the finisher. 

7. Sewing - Sewing is the last step in the actual construction of the shirt itself, and it's the most labour intensive. Here's a process

8. Printing - After receiving the shirt cuttings, the t-shirt panels are printed using various techniques. For example, screen printer, DTG digital printer, heat embossing or spray painting. 

9. Dyeing - To add more value to the fabric feel and colour. t-shirts are garment dyed after printing. 

10. Final Tee -  Here' you final finished t-shirt is ready to wear. 

 Now, to learn all of the above in detail, please refer to below infographic we've made for you. 

How t-shirts are made - infographic 

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