Different-types of fabrics-used for-T shirts-how t-shirt is made-Infographic – LIFESTYLE BY PS

Different Types of Fabrics used for T Shirts and More. – LIFESTYLE BY PS
fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

Different Types of Fabrics used for T Shirts and More.

Different-types of fabrics-used for-T shirts and how t-shirt is made-Infographic 

The Infographic below includes following..  

1. 12 Different types of T-Shirt Fabrics.

2. Top 10 Cotton producing countries in the World.

3. From Seed to Tee - How's your tee made

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Types of t shirt fabrics and how tee is made

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by Samay Mehta -

Samay Mehta is the chief content curator and co-founder of PS. You can find him on and Twitter.

Now that you what type of fabric is used to make a t-shirt, why not check out our collection of premium t-shirts.!

Content Source - Realsimple.com and Wikipedia

Infographic by - PS - The luxury online t-shirt store for men.

P.S. - We use 100% cotton Jersey bio washed fabric to make our super soft lifestyle tees.





fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks


fashion ebooks

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