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6 Men's Sunglasses to Buy in 2022 | Men's Fashion

Men's Sunglasses

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Sunglasses are essential and stylish, especially during the summer period. They play a significant role in enhancing your outfit. In addition, they help protect your eyes from UV rays and shield you from developing cataracts, among other conditions.  

Besides, summer is a crucial time to invest in eyewear since we spend a lot of time outdoors. Thus, you need to pick the cool prescription sunglasses for yourself. 

You can spend money on luxury Oakley sports prescription glasses or cheap prescription sunglasses. However, you need to know that the best sunglasses are the ones that will address your needs while making you feel stylish.

If you invest in something that doesn't satisfy your needs, you will tuck them away in a drawer and never take them out. So, you should always consider your comfort before everything else. You can always negotiate the fashion aspect after establishing your comfort. 

Most people consider the shape of their faces when shopping for sunglasses. So you can go for rectangle or square-shaped glasses with a round face. Rounder glasses look fine with wide, boxy faces. The idea is to strive to create facial contrast. 

But also, you need to consider your lifestyle when selecting your sunglasses. Will you use your sunglasses while exercising, cycling, playing golf, or relaxing by the pool? Or is it everyday eyewear or for traveling? These factors will help you choose the right size, weight, and lens quality. In light of this, here are available top choices sunglasses for men.

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL sunglasses is an excellent selection for men in 2022. Most men love Oakley prescription sunglasses for a reason. The sunglasses have incredible performance technology with an adaptable design. 

Oakley Flak 2.0 XL has solid but light frames with a rubber grip that gets firm even when sweating. Moreover, its lenses are designed in a way that can adapt to various environments. 

The interchangeable lenses are ideal for blending with an environment and give you the necessary coverage. Moreso, these Oakley sunglasses can blend well with most wardrobes. 

And if you’re into sports or love cycling you will appreciate the technology used to build these sunglasses. For instance, if you’re a cyclist you’ll find them significant if you have different riding trails. They're also made from Rx-able quality so it’s very durable. 

Kaenon Bunnet

Men's Sunglasses

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Kaenon Burnet is a beautiful frame for men. It has a contemporary design and technology, making it suitable for everyday wear. 

If you wear prescription glasses, Burnet is the perfect fit for you. Its performance-wrapped frame's durability is what makes it an ideal fit. Kaenon Burnet frames have a classic design to help ease your long day. 

Some of the notable features include:

  • Prescription-ready
  • Performance wrapped frame
  • The hinges are stainless steel
  • Incredibly robust resin frame

Ray-Ban Justin Classic

Ray-Ban is an exotic eyewear brand from the 1930s. Initially, their iconic and fashionable eyewear was specifically for Air Force pilots.

This pair is ideal and a great complement to any wardrobe. It's a cool prescription sunglasses with UV-protected lenses. Moreover, it's scratch-resistant and has a modern and simple form that complements all facial shapes.

You can even personalize the sunglasses to your preference if you have an extra budget. 

Kawika Polarized Glasses

If you're looking for polarized sunglasses, you need to consider Maui Jim's Kawika Polarized brand. It's one of the companies with unique technology that reduces glare that dulls colors and wears out your eyes. 

Their prescription lenses help to eliminate 99.9% of the glare. Moreover, it also eliminates the rays that reflect horizontally from flat and glossy surfaces. 

Additionally, its lenses come with a bi-gradient mirror on top and bottom that squints on your behalf to dim the bright light coming from above and below. This is essential as it allows your eyes to rest and is a great addition to men's wardrobe. Some of its notable features include the following:

  • Its patented lens technology eliminates 99.9% glare
  • It enhances the color
  • It blocks 100% of the harmful UV rays and absorbs dangerous blue light
  • It has a lightweight injected frame
  • It’s prescription ready
  • It has practical and built-in proprietary treatments, which include backside AR (antireflection) oil and water barriers for easy cleaning.
  • These additions make it scratch resistant. 

Rudy Project Rydon

Men's Sunglasses

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Another compelling men's sunglasses for 2022 is the Rudy Project Rydon. It has an excellent compatibility fit that makes it perfect for cycling.

The adjustable nose pad and temple make it a flexible fit for every lifestyle. The super lightweight frames may make you think they're not durable when it's not the case. The Grilamid frame ensures it's solid and stable. 

Moreover, it has an easy and interchangeable lens system. This makes it easy for you to change the lens while in transit. Hence, making it so adaptable. 

If you love the performance of a top-rated frame, you can be sure to get it from the Rydon brand. 

Here are some of the unique features of the brand:

  • It's built with Grilamid frames making it flexible and durable
  • It comes with an adjustable nosepiece and templates that help to facilitate a comfortable and custom fit.
  • Also, you will enjoy the quick lens swapping system
  • It's prescription ready

Nike Show X3

Another prescription sunglasses for men to buy in 2022 is the Nike Show X3. Its sleek design comes with a high-performance punch.

If you go for the contoured lenses, you will experience deep and comprehensive coverage. While picking the 8-base wrap lenses, you're confident you will not share an obstructed view. 

Another reason you shouldn't ignore these sunglasses is their floating nose pad. It helps absorb impact while encouraging airflow, which is true with the vents along the browline. Another added advantage of these sunglasses is that it's favorable to even people who sweat a lot––hence, great for working out or exercising. The textured temple tips help to direct the moisture from the frames. 

Also, you can opt for Nike MAX Optics if you're interested in interchangeable lenses. You can choose Sport Optimized lenses for your prescription wear. You'll be building your pair of prescription sunglasses if you're a cyclist. 

Final Thoughts

Most men look for neutral and sporty sunglasses. They tend to go for pieces that will enmesh with any of their wardrobes. Warm-weather sunglasses are game changers for men. 

The above list makes it easier to select a pair for your summer eyewear. This year you can go for a versatile pair. 

You can pick one that can build your cycling eyewear or something that you can play golf with. Nevertheless, ensure you choose something comfortable for you and fits your face's shape.

6 Men's Sunglasses to Buy in 2022