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6 Hyped Sneakers You Must Check Out

When it comes to the trends of sneakers available on the market what has this year brought you? AS it been pretty solid or the worst year so far?

No doubt, there are lots of brands dishing out many sneakers with different colours, shape, and design.

But you are probably getting bored with what the brands offer. Few styles last in the world of sneakers. When you are looking for the true classics, they are the ones that last.

If you are a footwear enthusiast, there are 6 hyped sneakers you must check out. Let’s have a look at them!

Yeezy Boost        

Yeezy Boost is an official collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West who is a culture-transcending icon. On February 14, 2015, the first sneaker called Adidas

Yeezy 750 Boost “Light Brown” was released from the collaboration. This was followed by Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 “Turtle Dove.”

More than three designs and ten colourways have been made available from the collaboration.

It is now popular among celebrities, and it has become highly coveted and extremely influential. If you are looking for cool laces then you should check out this Yeezy Boost Laces. Or check out these top Yeezy Boost kicks.

Yeezy Boost

Air Jordan

It is a brand of sneaker produced by Nike. Air Jordan 1 is the first Air Jordan produced in early 1894. It was produced for Michael Jordan who was a professional basketball player.

At first, it was sports footwear, but with time, it evolved into shoes used by people for models and other uses.

Since 1894, the brand has produced more than thirty sneakers. As the number increases so is the improvement in design. I

t is indeed one of the 6 hyped sneakers you must check out.

Air Jordan 

Adidas EQT

The Adidas EQT has an interesting and deep history. It was first introduced in the 90’s, and it was a popular brand. In the year 2016, it was redesigned and reintroduced.

Do you know what the EQT stands for? It stands for equipment. The construction is asymmetrically designed to improve performance, protection, and support.

The initial color was green, but the color of the newly introduced Adidas EQT is bold new red. The legacy of quality from the original is still maintained in the sneakers.

The only difference is that the new Adidas EQT is constructed with premium materials.

Adidas EQT

Nike Air Force 1

The sneaker is one of the best selling shoes of all time. It was introduced in 1982 and hit retail on a wider scale in 1983. In 2005, an estimated 12 million pairs of the shoe was sold.

After a decade, the sneakers still maintain the second-best seller of Nike’s shoes.

It is known for its uniquely junky sole and hiking-boot-inspired cues.

It first came as white on white color, but an extended collection of different colors are now available.

Presently, there are various versions of the sneakers, and it is still going strong.

Nike Air Force 1

Adidas Y3

The Adidas Y3 sneakers are the result of the collaboration of Adidas with an avant-garde fashion designer called Yoji Yamamoto.

The brand showcases expert craftsmanship, innovative designs, and a perfect combination of fashion and sport.

The Y-3 logo symbolizes the collaboration. “Y” means the name, “3” stands for the Adidas 3 signature stripes, and the “-“ stands for the collaboration.

The Adidas Y3 has created a new category in fashion making it one of the 6 hyped sneakers you must check out.

Adidas Y3

New Balance 247

The New Balance 247 is made to fit life from morning till night. It was made available in December 2016.

The production is focused on the 24/7 lifestyle. It features the fusion of many New Balance designs and technologies. The outsole and classic saddle strap of the midfoot focus on performance.

If you wonder why it is one of the 6 hyped sneakers you must check out, the rubberized circular tongue logo, engineered mesh upper and other excellent features are the reasons.

 New Balance 247

Where Can You Buy Authentic Sneakers?

There are many websites that sell these hyped sneakers. To make sure you're only buying from authentic sellers, do a thorough research online. Ask on forums, Reddit or FB group for advice or legit check.

There are also useful websites like LegitYeezy for example (if Yeezy Boost is the one you're eyeing for) that can help find legit sellers and spot fakes.

The Wrap-Up  

Before you can call yourself a sneakerhead you should know the 6 hyped sneakers you must check out.

When you know the historical anecdotes and stories behind the fundamental style of each sneaker it will give you a greater appreciation for how the culture of sneakers has evolved over the last few years and where it is going in the next coming years.

6 Hyped Sneakers You Must Check Out

 6 Hyped Sneakers You Must Check Out