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5 Unique Wedding Outfits for Your Friend's Ceremony

5 Unique Wedding Outfits

There will come a time in your life where you're invited to attend an event. You'll find a myriad of articles that highlight what ladies in your life need to wear to weddings, however, you'll only find a few items to wear as a guy.

What happens to those guys looking to wear a glam outfit to their friends' weddings? With no motivation and no idea of where to go.

This is where we step in and offer the best styling ideas for the wedding of a friend. Naturally, this won't be an exhaustive list. It's best to do additional study if you're not satisfied at every glance here. But, at the very least, you'll have a starting point.

So, in this article, we will guide you through finding your wedding colors, ensuring every moment can be captured beautifully in a wedding album.

Without further delay Let's begin.

5 Unique Wedding Outfits 


No matter if you're of Scottish roots or not, the kilt can be an exciting and festive choice to dress for your wedding if the mood and atmosphere of the wedding guests is good. You'll be amazed by the number of compliments you receive!

If you're interested in designing your own clothes and kilts, a kilt purchased from an organization like Scottish Kilt is your most ideal option. There are a range of lengths, tartan designs and colors to pick depending on the event.

Since the focus is on the tartan piece and the tartan shirt, you can pair it with a black, white or gray shirt, and then you're set. It is possible to add accessories such as tartan sashes or berets, based on the situation.


You might be looking for a suit, but would like to make an impression and stand out from the crowd. In this case, think about the suit that has a floral pattern. If you pick a suit with bold, soft or asymmetrical flowers on it you'll stand out without drawing attention from the groom and bride.

Additionally, you can have the suit customized to suit you. Use accessories that complement the pattern on the suit. Pick a brown or light gray undershirt.


Do you think flower patterns are too much for you? If you're seeking ways to add some spice to your outfit then look no further. A velvet suit that is crushed is stylish and elegant and elegant, yet subtle.

With velvet, you are able to select a range of colors based on the event. For a formal wedding, you need the use of a dark blue or red worn velvet dress. If you are planning a casual wedding opt for white or tan color.

The accessories and your tailoring options will be contingent on the items you choose.


Maybe you're not a traditional man in a suit? Perhaps the event is more formal and you're seeking an unusual and fashionable option? In either case you'll need a tweed jacket and Slacks is a great choice for you.

The appeal of tweed lies in its versatility. You can pick from a range of shades, and the jacket is either short or long-sleeved. Additionally, you can put on a range of accessories based on your personal style.

When you pair your Kilt jackets with slacks ensure that the colors are in harmony or complement each other.


If you're on a fashion-conscious aspect, then a formal suit may not be a great fit for you. In this case, you should consider choosing a dress which is a blend of style and sophistication. A pair of slacks with a flare and a length sleeved polo shirt can be the style statement you're seeking.

The flared slacks could be as subtle as you want, and go well with a custom-tailored polo shirt. Wearing a jacket is your option. Make sure your shoes are a perfect match for the outfit.


With these suggestions in your repertoire, you're now ready to begin planning your wedding. You'll show up with grace and elegance without appearing too extravagant.

5 Unique Wedding Outfits