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5 Top Dutch Menswear Brands

5 Top Dutch Menswear Brands

While historically the Netherlands has not exactly been known as a fashion hub, the country’s recent forays into the world of new trends have not gone unnoticed. There are a number of Dutch brands that have even made headlines internationally, and some of them have been menswear labels.

“It is true that traditionally Dutch fashion designers have focused on women’s fashion. Luckily this is gradually starting to change,” says fashion expert Sofie Van de Leng from Adviesjagers, adding that Amsterdam currently has the greatest concentration of denim brands in the world. Denim or not, here are the top five Dutch menswear brands to keep your eye on.

Atelier Charlie

Billing itself as a label designed “for real people, with real bodies and a busy life, with work and family,” Atelier Charlie has been on the scene since early 2017.

Encompassing jackets, trousers and caps, the label uses mute colors, and fine materials and yarns, to create both comfort and stylish garments.

Unlike today’s fast fashion brands, the pieces are designed to withstand the test of time—each piece of clothing is designed with the current season in mind, but would just as easily fit into the last or next season. Besides men’s fashion, Atelier Charlie also offers women’s jackets, trousers, tops and caps.


From breakfast to bar, KHRKTR offers clothing for men wishing to express their style, no matter the time or day or surroundings. KHRKTR is a label designed for men who need to dress well for work but don’t want to change before going out on the town at the end of the day.

Specializing in casual, yet smart, pieces, the brand offers tailored clothing that won’t break the bank and is bound to last for seasons to come.

Filling Pieces

Founded back in 2009, Filling Pieces is well-known across the Netherlands for its line of minimalist sneakers for men. The brand has been credited with bridging the gap between luxury footwear and sports shoes, and for a good reason.

Using high-end materials, Filling Pieces offers some of the most unique and sought-after sneakers in the Netherlands. The brand also offers ready-to-wear clothing for men and women, including Jersey hoodies, drawstring track pants and t-shirts.

Scotch & Soda

From jeans, trousers and shorts to blazers, waistcoats and chinos, Scotch & Soda has been producing high-quality clothing since the 1980s. Revamped in 2001, the label now also offers accessories, fragrances and an urban-style line called Amsterdams Blauw.

Describing itself as the mash-up of unexpected fabrics and patterns, the brand’s clothing is inspired by paintings, poems artifacts and even ancient ruins. Scotch & Soda also offers women’s and children’s collections.

Daily Paper

Started up by three friends of Somali, Ghanaian, and Moroccan descent in 2010, Daily Paper is a clothing brand inspired by the heritage of its founders.

The bold streetwear includes logo sweatshirts, tailored joggers and printed snapbacks designed to complement each individual’s personal style. The brand also features women’s and baby clothing.

5 Top Dutch Menswear Brands