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5 Tips To Choosing The Right Shoe For The Right Occasion

To choose the right pair of shoes, identify the occasion, the outfit you will be wearing, the color of your dress, & your comfort level.

Shoes are one of the vital parts of fashion and the importance of choosing the right one that gives the perfect vibe is crucial.

Choosing which pair of shoes to wear can be daunting as there are plenty of variations available. Some shoes compensate for the casual dresses, while others bring out your stunning side in a gown.

For that, you need to keep in mind the surrounding ambiance before putting on any. A poor choice of shoes can take you down straight to tragic four from a solid eight.

That’s why it’s essential to know which shoes are right for you. Hop on board as we discuss briefly the factors that influence choosing the right shoe

1. Use The S.O.F.A Method

This is an extremely effective method and it mixes the two important aspects. You would want something practical to wear and look pretty as well. Once you have these two reasons ensured, you will automatically feel more confident.

The idea is to go through the different types of shoes and choose the right pair that will make you look pretty and feel comfortable

The S in S.O.F.A stands for season. When it comes to shoes, the season is an important point. You have to consider the weather outside and the vibe different seasons bring.

If it is winter then it opens the doors to a lot of different color combinations and different looks that you might not be willing to wear in the middle of July. So the season here means, the weather and the time.

The second letter O stands for the occasion. Other than the weekends it is pretty certain what you will be doing throughout the day. If you have plans, then you know what type of occasion it is and can plan accordingly.

You might be going to a wedding or for work. The former will most likely be a formal and fancy event, where the latter one will be business casual or business formal. This would mean two separate combinations of colors, fabrics, and outfits. We will be talking more about different types of events later on.

F is for formality. This means the level of formality. The event could be fancy, formal, or casual. A black-tie wedding is a fancy event and you will need to choose high heels to match your formal attire.

On the other hand, going to the beach is a super casual event and flip-flops will be your go-to shoes.

And lastly the A in S.O.F.A Stands for the level of activity. If you are sitting in your office all day, chances are you may not be on your feet all day long. If it is a desk job then you go for slightly impractical high heel shoes instead of something more comfortable.

But if you know that you will; have to stand for a long portion of the day or have to walk around the place a lot then you should choose something with a flatter heel.

2. Type Of Event

First & foremost, you need to ponder over the occasion you are attending. It doesn’t matter if the shoes are your favorite or you had an excellent deal when buying them it is not worth it unless the event suits them. Maybe those shoes are amazing, but for that particular occasion, those could be useless.

For instance, if you plan to take a walk in the park, heels won’t work. Again, you can’t take part in a formal meeting by wearing a pair of sneakers.

Also, flip-flops & nightwears are unacceptable in the office. It’s as simple as that. So, what should you wear?

For starters, wear ballet flats or a simple loafer if you are attending a casual ceremony. No fancy formal shoes will help; instead, it will look exaggerating. A pair of classic pumps are always suitable for fancy dresses. Then again, you may feel bored if you are not into the traditional types.

Hence, you can try looking at different types of shoes & choose one. It will undoubtedly save you from the monotony. While choosing, try to bring out your style by going with unique colors & designs.

Pair stilettos with jeans, or sandals with suits for dramatic parties, where typical attire is unusual. If you are trying to buy multiple pairs then add black pumps, high boots, and strappy sandals to the list to ensure a full fashionista collection for any event.

3. Type Of Outfits

People wear shoes depending on the outfit. The opposite doesn’t happen unless you are against the mainstream. You first need to sort out what type of dress you will be wearing. You don’t want to ruin your high-end shoes by pairing them with sweatpants.

Mastering the art of good fashion sense is always essential. Otherwise, you will have to depend on other people's suggestions. But, as a starter, it’s not wrong to follow someone's fashion sense if it’s tasteful.

Dress code plays a huge role in setting up the perfect impression. Again, a poor choice of shoes can ruin a solid dress no matter how fancy & expensive those are.

Select shoes that will incorporate with your clothes, not underperform or outperform them. For instance, you certainly don’t want to look like a black-ninja by wearing black shoes with an all-black attire. Sort out first if you want to look professional or casual. If it’s not a party, a professional look always has its charms.

Although celebrities these days are wearing shoes & dresses opposite to the mainstream, I will discourage you from doing so. Unless you have some experience under your belt of wearing that kind of shoes & clothes, staying away from such choices will be a better option.

4. Your Preference & Comfort Level

Always put yourself first when it comes to choosing an outfit. Remember, you do not always have to follow trends. Every person has a uniqueness & you must hold on to it. There are some other benefits of prioritizing your preferences.

Choosing a shoe that makes you feel comfortable is crucial to boost your confidence. You can enjoy the day & night and feel more confident in front of people when you are comfortable. Forcing to try something new doesn’t always work out.

Once in a while, we all try something new or change brands. But if it makes you feel uncomfortable, don't try it. Go back to your comfort zone. Remember, choosing the wrong pair can cause short term problems like corns or even long term problems like collapsed arches.

Corns occur mostly when the shoes are too tight. It puts pressure on specific areas. A plug of hard dead skin grows on particular areas and hurts when pressure is applied on the spot.

If your shoe is too tight, not supportive, or too lose it will end up hurting you. Depending on the level of physical activities it might cause joint pains, and put stress on your ankles and feet.

If you have to wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes for a while, at least add some cushioning to make it comfortable.

5. Keep In Mind The Dress Code

Sometimes there may be no dress code for specific events. In such situations, it’s better to understand the kind of vibe you want to send.

For instance, you don’t wear gym shoes in a suit-tie formal event. While delivering a presentation, you don’t want to wear an old busted shoe with a tucked-in shirt & formal pants. It will completely ruin the impression you want to create.

That said, if it’s a formal event, match your shoes accordingly. Sometimes the color of your belt buckle can determine the type of shoe you should wear in case the dress is of bright hue. Wear simple flip-flops or sneakers in a casual event with faded-jeans & a t-shirt, and wear formal shoes where you need to look professional.

6. Match The Color Sense

Getting your color sense right can express a lot. The most common shoes are black ones. Although black is a versatile & grand color, people mostly wear black because they don’t know how to match with other colors.

There are plenty of shoes with different colors & each represents a unique taste. Gold & grey shoes match perfectly with the black & white shirts. Some other colors that you can try are brown, white, taupe, silver, etc.

While selecting a shoe, try pairing it with the color of your outfit. If the color of your shoe doesn’t match with the outfit, try the color theory such as light with light & deep with deep.

However, keep in mind that the colors that sit together in the color wheel bring out an amazing look. The opposite or complementary colors in the color wheel give a more bold-contrast vibe.

Final Thoughts

Try to portrait yourself & the vibe you want to give before choosing the right pair of shoes. Also, keep in mind what sorts of activity you are going to undertake. Looking only at the aesthetic appeal won’t guarantee your comfort and vice-versa.

5 Tips To Choosing The Right Shoe For The Right Occasion

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fashion ebooks

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