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5 Timeless Menswear Styles Every Man Should Embrace

If you're a pared-back, sophisticated style fan, it's time to add a few wardrobe classics to your closet. These timeless pieces are versatile enough for everyday wear, from casual shirts and tailored trousers to box-fresh white sneakers and classic leather loafers.

Unlike trends, they will feel updated in a year.

The Button-Down Shirt

A men's button-down shirt is a semi-formal staple. It was originally invented by polo players who found their shirt collars flapping in their faces as they played, creating an elegant solution.

The shirt can be worn unbuttoned for a more casual look and is a great choice when worn without a tie under a suit, over a sweater or with a jacket. Choose a classic loose fit or a slimmer modern cut, depending on your style.

The Trouser

Whether smartened up with tailoring or dressed in sneakers and a T-shirt, trousers are the quintessential menswear staple. A well-fitted pair can send you straight to sartorial nirvana, while ill-fitting ones can make you look like a kid trying on his dad's trousers.

Trousers feature a waistband, belt loops and a fly front. They can also be tailored with side adjusters for those who prefer to wear suspenders, but most often, they're designed to be worn with a belt.

The Blazer

Menswear trends like those of Adam Kimmel, men's fashion designer, come and go, but certain designs never really go away. The blazer is one such garment.

Blazers are a step above sports coats in terms of informality, and they're great for those occasions when you want to dress up but don't want to wear a suit. Pair them with gray flannel trousers, chinos, and elegant shoes. Choose the right shade and fabric to fit your style.

The Suit

The suit is an excellent investment piece and a wardrobe essential. It is simple, versatile and stylish and will serve you well often.

This bespoke cotton blazer ticks all the right boxes with its full canvas construction, a melton collar and a pocket with contrasting fabric. Team it with a light linen shirt and tailored trousers for garden parties or wedding receptions. The timeless look was a signature of Alain Delon both on and off the screen.

The T-Shirt

The t-shirt is a classic staple. It's easy to wear jeans, trousers or three-quarter pants for a smart casual look.

It's made with cotton textile in a stockinette or jersey knit, which is more pliable than shirts made of woven cloth. It can feature printed messages or slogans that are often controversial, political, or sexual.

If your t-shirt is designed to be promotional, choose fonts that are easy to read. Avoid swirly display fonts, and stick to serif or sans-serif options for a more refined look.

The Pants

Pants are a wardrobe staple in various colors, designs, and washes. They can be worn for a casual or formal appearance and look great with a simple button-down shirt and sneakers.

A pair of pants should be form-fitting and err on the slim side. Pants with large pleats should be avoided because the extra fabric is material waste.

Jeans are the most popular pant type. They are usually made from denim and are designed to be durable.

The Shoes

Timeless fashion disregards the latest trends and instead focuses on clothing that looks good for years. That's why timeless pieces are usually in neutral colors, like white, black and navy.

These beige chinos tick all the boxes, featuring classic coloring and minimal styling that'll never date. Pair them with a light overshirt and leather sneakers for a smart-casual aesthetic.

The mastering timeless style involves building a foundational closet that supports your style goals. That's why elevated basics and sophisticated centerpieces are key.

The Accessories

Unlike trends that only look good for a moment, these staples hold firm over time. Mastering these basics will provide a fail-proof formula for your style and give you a sense of ease with knowing that what you wear will always look good.

Opt for wide-leg chinos in navy twill for the ultimate versatile pair of pants. This classic style will suit casual shirts and tailored blazers alike. Wear a crisp polo and sneakers to nail a smart-casual, laid-back, put-together ensemble.

5 Timeless Menswear Styles