Summer shirt styles for men
June 20, 2018

5 Summer Shirts For Men

Summer is here. And it's time to amp up your wardrobe with some cool summer shirts. 

Summer is all about picnics, vacations with family and of course summer weddings. 

I know a t-shirt is probably on top of your mind when you go out in the summers. But, if you are not someone who loves to wear t-shirts everywhere, then you need to get yourself some smart summer shirts. 

To help you nail your summer shirt game, we've put together a list of amazing summer shirts every guy should have in their wardrobe. These shirts are perfect for summer and will make you feel cooler and sharper effortlessly. 

So, here's a list of 5 classics that will keep your cool in the heat. 

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5 summer shirt styles for men

1. White Shirt 

white shirt men The good thing about a plain white shirt is that it's versatile and classic and best for summer. White makes you feel cool and pairs with almost all kind of summer suits or pants. The backbone of any men's wardrobe. You just can't have this piece. If you are someone who loves casual style more than formal style and if you only plan to have one shirt in your wardrobe, this is the one. 

And, the versatility of this summer shirt allows you to dress up or dress down effortlessly. This shirt is perfect for you even if you don't love wearing formals. Wear it untucked with a cool washed blue denim and white sneakers to complete the casual look. 

And if you want to want to dress up, then wear it with a chinos, tuck it in and put some nice dress shoes (or Chelsea if you prefer) and there you have a formal look. layer it up with a blazer to be business ready. 

Here's a list of colours that work best with a white shirt. 

  • Navy
  • Khaki
  • Indigo
  • Black 
  • Light Grey 

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2. Pinstripe Shirt

Shop pinstripe shirt men It's sometimes fun to go away from solids and experiments with a little subtle printsIt's a good idea to add a smart subtle pinstripe print shirt in your wardrobe. It works perfectly in events, weddings and to help you stand apart from everyone and make you look sharp. 

However, stick to neutral or pastel colours. Don't go for red white pinstripe shirts. 

Plus when you dress down a pinstripe shirt it looks even cooler. Wear it untucked with casual jeans to create an amazing casual look. 

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3. A Cool Check Shirt 

check shirt men You can also experiment with a short sleeve check shirt if you are comfortable wearing one. It works perfectly in the summers. Check shirt in certain fabrics is your go-to summer shirt. Go for a casual cut when you picking a check shirt for your wardrobe. 

Stick with pastel summer shades. Don't go for brighter tones. It will ruin the summer feel altogether. 

You can wear this shirt with a denim, chinos or even with a pair of chino shorts if you like. 

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4. Pink Pastel Shirt 

pink shirt men Light blue is the most acceptable colour in the office environment. However, if you think blue boring, you can go for pastel pink. Pastel colours are perfect for summers. The most common pastel colour shirt is a light blue shirt. You probably already have one in your wardrobe.

I know even today, a lot of men are not comfortable wearing pink. But, honestly pink is totally cool for men too. It's not just for women anymore. 

The best thing about a pink shirt is that it works with all skin tones. And it will also help you stand out from the crowd. 

Again like the white shirt, pink shirt is also super versatile. You can easily dress up or dress down. 

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Pink shirt dress down outfit. 

Indigo washed denim + Pink Shirt (Untucked) + Suede Chelsea or Chukka Boots 

Pink shirt business casual outfits. 

Blue Jeans + Pink Shirt (Tucked) + Double Monk Shoes + Navy Casual Blazer 

Pink shirt formal outfit. 

Navy Trousers or Navy Chinos + Pink Shirt (Tucked) + Oxford Dress Shoes + Navy Blazer Jacket + Solid Navy Tie

5. Bold Printed Shirt 

print shirt men However, you shouldn't wear the bold print shirt to the work or any formal settings. I know it's not for everyone. Not everyone prefers to wear one. But, sometimes it's a good choice when you want to break away from the routine. 

These shirts work best in the summer weddings especially for the cocktail party by the beach. 

Floral, paisley and other large prints count as bolder patterns. 

Again, stick with the subtle, pastel colours to enhance your look in printed shirts

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So, here's a list of summer shirts we think you should have in your wardrobe. Let us know what kind of shirts you love to wear.

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5 Summer styles for men