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5 Key Things to Know About FR Clothing

5 Key Things to Know About FR Clothing

So you’re planning on buying Flame-resistant clothing and you are wondering how FR clothing will help and whether it is that essential or not. Well, FR clothing for a few job profiles has become a rule rather than the exception.

If you are having some confusions about how they can help or want to know what garments and fabrics are in compliance with your needs, then you are in the right place. We are here to share with you 6 key things that you must know about Flame-resistant Clothing.

However, if you want info about casual FR clothes like shirts, jeans, etc. you can check this page instead.

5 Things that you must know about Flame-resistant Clothes: -

1. FR Clothes are self-extinguishing in nature: - FR Clothes, i.e ‘Flame-resistance’ just as the name suggests is made of self-extinguishing material. Where conventional fabrics can catch fire, FR clothes will not fuel it.

The material is designed in such a way that the clothes prevent fire by stopping the flow of oxygen through it. So basically, if the clothing ever catches fire, it will extinguish it and save your life.

Many fabrics are out there that claim to be fire-resistant but fail to do so under real-world conditions. When considering buying FR garments, make sure to take a look at the history of the fabric and see if there are supporting documents that they perform well.

2. Clothes that are made of FR fabric may not prevent burn injury alone: - Event though FR clothes claim to stop the spread of fire, the person who wears the clothing may still experience burns in the point of ignition.

The benefit of wearing Flame-resistant fabric is so that the fire does not spread from the origin and gets extinguished as soon as the person wearing the clothe moves away from the ignition trigger.

We recommend you to wear undergarments or T-shirts that are made of Fire-resistant fabric under the outer garments to gain extra protection.

3. Fabrics which are not Flame-resistant can also resist fire: - Fabrics like cotton and linen tend to ignite easily and spread fire rapidly. But after treating them with certain chemicals can make them resist fire too.

There are manufacturers who might sell you these chemically treated fabrics which are not genuine FR.

The main issue with these products is that they tend to degrade over time and offer less protection. So, we recommend you to make purchases from a verified seller.

4. Never wear a normal undergarment under FR garments: - People tend to assume that they would be safe from a fire just because they are wearing an FR garment on the top, but it is not true! Even FR clothes tend to create burns at the point of ignition and if you are wearing some other fabric like cotton, that catches fire easily, underneath then there might be severe injuries. So, always remember to wear undergarments that are FR as well. 

5. Flame resistant materials can be toxic: - One common question that people ask about FR fabric is whether they are toxic or not. Well, the answer is not that simple. FR clothes are usually not that toxic in nature but if they are treated with other chemicals like we said how cotton is treated with chemicals to become flame-resistant in nature, then the toxicity will increase.

Conclusion: -

There you go, these are the 5 key things that one should know before purchasing FR clothes. We hope this article helps educate you more about Flame-resistant fabrics and will help you with your decision of purchasing them. Good luck!