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5 Great Deodorant Brands For Men

Just like how a good lipstick can be a great accessory for women, a good scent or fragrance for men can have the same effect.

As we all know, fragrance plays a crucial role in a person's aura, and when a man wears an attractive scent he can end up making heads turn. However, a good scent doesn't always have to mean an expensive perfume. It can also be an effective and high-quality deodorant, that is casual yet fancy.

In this article, we're listing out some of the best deodorant brands for men in the market so that you can create that signature scent without having to spend big bucks.

1. Kiehl's

Kiehl's is one of the most beloved skincare and hygiene brands out there, and you'll always find people praising their product, whether it's their repairing serums or as in this case, their range of deodorants and antiperspirants.

Known for their highly researched and effective product range, their deodorants come in highly refreshing and energizing smells that keep you smelling good and dry all day long. If you want your scent to be fresh and zesty, with hints of citrus, go for the Kiehl's Body Fuel antiperspirant.

2. Old Spice

You know what they say. Classics never go out of style, and even in the case of deodorants, this saying holds true. Old Spice has been a leader in the men's deodorant and fragrance market for as long as one can remember, and its position is stable.

Their signature musky and spicy scent remains for most of the day and gives you a masculine aura. If you're looking for a product with a strong and musky scent that will last you the whole day, then Old Spice is the best. Though there are many choices, for us the best old spice deodorants are the original and the Fiji Palm tree scent, for that extra freshness.

3. Aesop

When you're thinking minimal and classy, then Aesop tops the list. This brand, which was first started in the 1980s in Melbourne has become a go-to staple for most people, including us. But while people gush over their lotions and hand creams, their range of deodorants is no joke.

Created with excellent feel-good and mostly natural ingredients, their products calm both the body and senses and have a soft yet distinct scent that is unlike anything else. Their herbal deodorant, which is great for both men and women, is perfect for those looking for an earthy scent.

4. Molton Brown

If you want the perfect combination of comfortable daytime deodorants and fancy scents, then Molton Brown's range of deodorants will give you exactly that. Their unique pyramid system of scents created a constantly evolving fragrance profile.

Their deodorants have a perfect harmony of soft and subtle as well as musky scents, with woody, forest undertones. Their ingredients are also as natural as can be with few added preservatives and additives. They are also vegan and gluten-free, make them accessible for an even larger section of people

5. Oliver J Woods

Ending on a classic and minimalist note, we recommend Oliver J Woods. Started by a celebrity hairstylist and groomer, Oliver J Woods, this eponymously named brand brings customers a range of essential and basic products, made with high-quality ingredients, that have a classic yet vibrant formulation.

Their most popular deodorant has the tried-and-tested cedar and sandalwood combination, which is perfect for the floral yet woody scent that will make you smell like you've just come out of the shower, all day long. On top of that, it's formulated with an amino acids blend that keeps the skin smooth and safe.

5 Great Deodorant Brands For Men

fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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