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5 Best Walking Shoes For Men: 2020 Edition

Happy New Year! Along with the solemn and joyful farewells to 2019, the ringing in of 2020 has brought about new promises and resolutions for the year ahead—most of which will include promises of a healthier lifestyle.

Exercise, then, is a crucial component of the new year, new you mentality, but finding the right shoes to kick off this new lifestyle is not always easy. For instance, are you looking to walk, hike, run or train?

For those just starting or returning to an exercise regimen, it is typically suggested to start slow. Therefore, walking and hiking are good sustainable habits. Still, there are several manufacturers, such as Diadora shoes, and style of shoes, so which do you choose. You’re in luck.

The following five brands offer mens shoes online and have a variety of shoes to fit your walking or hiking needs.

5 Best Walking Shoes For Men: 2020 Edition

1. Merrel

When searching for discount shoes, you would be remiss to ignore Merrel boots and shoes. Merrel created a reputation upon its inception of being the perfect hiking boot.

As the years have progressed, the designs have evolved to suit the adventures of everyday life. However, they are still made with the same craft and dedication that made this producer popular to begin with. From boots like the All Out Blaze 2, Merrel has proven itself to still be a leader in hiking footwear in 2020.

2. Skechers

When it comes to comfort and affordability, Skechers has truly made a name for itself. From the slip-resistant technology to the choices of cooling materials, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Skechers Go Walk slip-on or lace-up sneakers.

Most Skechers come with a memory foam insole, making walking and standing more comfortable for longer durations. Also, most of their walking or hiking shoes allow for breathability through the materials or ventilation.

3. New Balance

New Balance is another shoe brand that has been around for decades, proving itself as a go-to brand for comfort and durability. 2020 does not appear to be the year that will change.

If you are looking to be an active walker, then you can look to models like the 1365 Fitness Walker, but if you are looking for more casual and easier to lace up, try the New Balance 577.

4. Asics

Another popular brand in 2020 is Asics. Known for its vibrant designs and performance in endurance sports, you will be hard-pressed to find better shoes to start your walking routine.

While there is not one particular walking model, an excellent all-around shoe is the Gel-Resolution 7 Clay Court or the Lyte-Trainer.

5. Reebok

Last, when looking for a rugged hiking shoe or boot, consider Reebok. While that may sound strange, as Reebok is more known for their athletic shoes, in recent years, they have come out with a Work model, which are rugged and designed for the elements of hiking and other intense labor and travel. The Thaw, ZigKick Work and Tyak are the hiking models.

Commit to your resolution this year and start a healthy habit of walking or hiking. However, make sure you have the right footwear for the job by visiting your favorite online shoe store.

5 Best Walking Shoes For Men: 2020 Edition