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4 Things Every Many Needs to Know Before Going to the Tailor

Affordable tailoring is on the rise in major cities across the globe - especially in places like the UK, where budget bespoke clothing is becoming more popular.

Due to design trends that lean more towards well-fitted suits, jeans and even shirts, more gentlemen are turning towards tailors to help them style their clothing to fit their specific body type.

And, if you’re lucky enough to have a great physique, or work really hard to maintain your body, you’ll definitely want to learn how to make that work to your benefit by heading to a tailor.

Understand What You Want

The first thing to know before going to a tailor is to understand what exactly tailors can and can’t do for you.

If you’re looking to replace a few buttons on a new tweed jacket, you might as well get a sewing machine and learn how to sew yourself.

You’ll want to head to a tailor to take care of bigger things, such as slimming the arms and legs of clothing items, adding or removing pant cuffs, and adding darts to make a shirt slimmer and more well-fitted.

Figure Out Your Style

Not all tailors are alike and each one will have a different style according to their interests, training and even the area where they’ve done most of their work.

Heading to a tailor on Wall Street will yield incredibly different results than one in London or Los Angeles. This means that it will be important to understand your own style first and find a tailor that adheres to it.

Try starting by analyzing whether or not you like a more conservative fit or a closer-fitted style. 

Brush Up on Tailor Terms

To save time and any problems with miscommunication, you’ll want to head to the tailor with the right vocabulary in mind.

Brush up on tailor terms to be able to explain to your tailor exactly what you’re looking for and you’ll find that you not only get a better end result, but that you’ll feel like a true gentleman in the process.

The break, for example, is the horizontal crease in your pant leg. Most modern-day GQ looks don’t have breaks. Tapering refers to a gradual narrowing of clothing. 

Be Ready to Pay for Quality

Any well-dressed gentleman will know that to get high-quality clothing, you have to pay for it.

Well-fitted suits that are tailored to your body will require you to invest time and money, which won’t come cheap. Because of this, it’s generally recommended for young professionals to invest in one really well-tailored suit or outfit and use it as a staple piece that you can mix and match other clothing with.

As you grow your wardrobe and your savings, you can head to your tailor for future fittings and adjustments. 

Grow Your Style Over Time

Heading to the tailor for your first custom suit or tailor-made clothing set is a rite of passage for any gentleman, and being prepared with tips and terms beforehand will help make the experience more enjoyable.

Be sure to always ask questions and try things on before you leave the tailor, and enjoy growing your style over time by building a rapport with a tailor who suits your taste.


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