July 16, 2015

Be The Best Dressed Guy On Campus


Learn The Basics Of College Dressing Style And Be The Best Dressed Guy On Campus

Most of the colleges in India open in July and August. One common fear which hits all the young guys is “what to wear on a first day of college”

We get a lot of emails from young guys (Just like you!) asking the same question.

I am going to start my 1st year in college and, how do I create a great impression on my 1st of college?

We too had the same question when we were about to join the college.

At that time we didn’t have any resource to look up.

So, we thought it would be nice to have handy guide that walk you through the process of dressing right in college.

This is something we would have told ourselves on our first day at college if we knew what we know now.




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