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3 Tips for Creating a Men's Fashion Instagram Page

Men's Fashion Instagram Page

If you’re interested in becoming a male fashion icon on Instagram, you’re going to need a tailored and well-polished Instagram page. There are lots of things you can do to tweak a casual Instagram page into one that everyone wants to see. But what will really get you there is the more in-depth homework that failing fashion influencers tend to ignore. It’s more than using Reels and sticking to the Instagram colour palette.

Take a look at our tips for making the best men’s fashion Insta to take yours to the next level.

Upgrade your social media usage

The number one mistake new influencers make is not knowing how to use Instagram. There’s more to it than taking a photo and posting it and hoping that the people will surely come eventually. You might already know that you need to be consistent, and post often, especially on Instagram, to gain followers, but you should remember that a lot of getting noticed online comes down to the data. Read up on SEO, keyword research, and other methods of gaining traffic. It’s the boring side, but it’s necessary.

You might consider creating a website to complement your Instagram account. SEO can’t do much for Instagram, but you can direct people to your Instagram from there, and offer far more than Instagram can give, whether that’s updates, a blog, a chance to get to know you better, merchandise, support, etc.

Upgrade your photos

The difference between a forgettable photo and one that people remember is again boring: editing. Think about it. Everyone has taken a picture of everything. Mount Kilimanjaro is only a worthy photo from the top, and you wouldn’t be the first there either. The way you stand out is by taking the best photo of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Taking a quality photo doesn’t have to mean using the biggest DSLR you can afford, but it does mean knowing at least the basic principles of photography before you take it: lighting, subject, rule of thirds, etc. And then once you’ve taken the photo you can experiment with photo editing to get something truly unique.

If your photos are good enough for print, consider making yourself a physical portfolio with an Instagram photo book. It’s a great asset for models and photographers to show off to clients or employees.

Upgrade your fashion

It’s very easy to get men’s fashion wrong, but luckily, also very easy to get it right. And more of it is about the fit and the accessories than it is about what you’re wearing. Learn how to layer your items, how to find jeans that are flattering, the importance of having a suit tailored, etc.

But that’s all if you want the classic suited and booted, casual modern look. If you’re aiming more for street fashion, you’ll have more room to play. The same rules apply, but you can incorporate them into more casual pieces, more outlandish colours, more exaggerated shapes, etc.

Not to mention, anything will look good if you have the right attitude to go with it.

Men's Fashion Instagram Page