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3 Style Hacks Every Man Should Know

As people start getting back to having more in-person visitations and social events to attend, the motions towards style are going to start creeping in. Is your wardrobe in need of updating? Looking for some style tips that will leave you feeling and looking your best? The following are some style hacks that every man should know.

Designer Items

The quest for labels has always been a mighty one, especially now since major department stores have had to re-evaluate in the wake of the pandemic and some have even closed. As a result, the rarity and scarcity of designer items makes them all the more valuable and you will see an increase in your style credibility should you be able to get a limited-edition piece. This also raises the question of affordability as prices have increased and they will continue to do so.

Think about ways you can get access to quick cash to invest in a designer item that will last for years. Do you have a life insurance policy you can sell? There are guides that allow you to find out more about viatical settlements, how they work and they’ll help you understand the tax implications. Do you have savings that you can dip into? If you do get access to quick cash to invest in a labeled item, be sure it’s one that’s going to transcend trends in fashion like a well-made jacket or a pair of gorgeous shoes.


There are various reasons why Parisian men always look like they are more fashionable than they have any right to be. One of their best-kept secrets is that, when wearing multiple layers of clothing, for example a t-shirt and a sweatshirt, they often lose the bottom layer to appear more chic. This minimal approach to clothing can also be applied to accessories where less is definitely more. 

Now let’s apply that same approach to choices in patterns and color. If you’re wearing a brightly colored jacket, pair it with a monochrome outfit. Do you have a statement piece like a bold printed shirt that you love wearing? Make sure the rest of the outfit is minimal to really give your statement shirt the limelight it deserves.

Matching Accessories

The question of what should match and what shouldn’t can come up fairly regularly but the truth is that matching is a lot simpler than most people make it out to be. Regardless of the outfit you are wearing the accessories should be the ones matching – belt, shoes and watchstrap – but only two out of the three.

If you don’t wear a watch then make sure if you are wearing brown shoes to have a brown belt or, if you are wearing a suit and tie, be sure that the pocket square and the tie are complimentary but not matching. Overly matching your outfit can make the choices in your fashion really stand out for the wrong reason so doing the 360 in the mirror before you leave to check that simple mistakes aren’t made is a must for anyone who is trying to up their style game.

3 Style Hacks Every Man Should Know