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3 Reasons to Dive into Men's Dive Watches

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Men's Dive Watches

Thinking it’s time to elevate your style with a new watch? With a vast selection of materials, colours and styles available, there are a lot of choices to make when deciding on a new watch. One thing you shouldn’t have to pick between is luxury design and quality build. Dive watches offer the best of both worlds: a high-end, classic watch that is built to withstand even the most extreme conditions. Here are three reasons that dive watches are making a big splash in Sydney:

1. They’re Built to Last

The International Organization for Standardization’s code ISO 6425 describes in detail each test that a dive watch must pass to ensure quality control. These quality markers not only test the waterproof rating but also airtightness, thermal rating and the watch’s general durability. To ensure durability the watch is submitted to both anti-magnetic and anti-shock testing.

Magnetic fields can alter how accurately a watch tells time by warping internal coils, resulting in moving the watch hands out of place or stopping the watch completely. Dive watches must retain their accuracy within 30 seconds after being placed in a magnetic field to pass this test. Anti-shock tests are meant to simulate the wear and tear of everyday life if in everyday life you beat your watch with a rubber mallet. After withstanding a series of blows, the dive watch must measure within 60 seconds with its pre-test time to pass.

2. They’re Seriously Waterproof

If you’re looking for a watch that functions just as well in water as it does on land, dive watches are your perfect match. A lot of watches on the market claim to be waterproof, but dive watches take waterproofing to a level all their own. In accordance with ISO rule 6425, all dive watches must be waterproof to a minimum depth of 100 metres.

However, many watches far exceed this minimum requirement. Furthermore, dive watches not only have to be waterproof but must also pass an additional saltwater test and are submerged in a sodium chloride solution for 24 hours. After testing each part of the watch is inspected individually for water damage, corrosion and oxidation. Lastly, many dive watches have extra features to boost their accessibility in water such as a helium valve to release any built-up pressure from diving. You can browse a full selection of luxury features at Patek Philippe Sydney to decide which watch best meets your needs.

3. They’re User Friendly

Dive watches are designed with the wearer in mind and are easy to use even in the most extreme conditions. As per ISO code 6425, all markings on a dive watch must be clearly legible at a distance of at least 25 centimetres in complete darkness. This is to ensure that divers can keep track of dive time and other important information as they reach depths where the sunlight does not penetrate the water, but it doubles as a nice feature on land as well.

Code 6425 also mandates that all dive watches have a secondary pre-selecting device such as a second hand as an indicator that the watch is working at all times, and that battery-powered watches come equipped with a battery life warning. This ensures that you never waste a second questioning if your watch is working. A life-saving feature for divers and a time-saving feature for you.

Dive watches are a smart addition to any wardrobe because of their stylish, timeless designs and enhanced durability features. They’re built to last through whatever you put them through, and look good while doing it. Rest assured that when you invest in these nearly indestructible watches, they’ll keep ticking until the end of time.

Men's Dive Watches